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[2000-10-21-ECWA] Russ & Charlie Haas & Inferno vs Cheetah Master & Ty Street & J.J. the Ring Crew Guy


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The Briscoe Brothers cheering squad have remained for the rest of the show, making some noise for Ty Street and the Cheetah Master who milk it for the entire duration of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.  Also worth noting that Street is wearing an eye patch to cover an injured/damaged eye.  No idea who J.J. the Ring Crew Guy is, well apart from a member of the ring crew I assume, but he’s modelled his look on Zandig with the stonewash jeans, long dark hair and doo rag.  With six men in the cage at the same time there is a lot going on all at once so I’ll just give some choice highlights.  Street with a shiranui on Russ Haas, running up the cage wall as opposed to the turnbuckles.  He sadly has that annoying RVD tendency to pose to the crowd after a big move though.  Cheetah and Inferno duke it out on the top of the cage, although the camera then misses Inferno’s backwards bump to the mat.  Stereo powerbombs by J.J. and Charlie.  Street is about to leave through the cage door when Kevin Kelly (manager of the Haas brothers) slams it into his face.  Inferno then rips off his eye patch and goes after that eye, bloodying it up. Despite everyone seemingly being rammed into the cage on multiple occasions, that was the only blood in the match, therefore making it far more effective than if everyone had juiced.  Kelly is getting some nice heat on the outside, motioning at the fans to “bring it on!”  Cheetah with a crossbody from the top of the cage onto everyone.  The brothers and Street all start climbing the cage in unison and as I’m thinking they’re going to touch the floor at the same time, Street leaps from the top of the cage at Kelly, hitting the concrete first and winning the match for his team.  Great finish!  All on his own on the outside, Street is jumped by the Haas’ and Kelly until the Briscoe brothers come to his rescue.  After things have calmed down, inside the cage J.J. attacks Cheetah (his own partner), however I have no idea as to why and with no commentary track either there is no-one to explain the back-story.  Enjoyable stuff here.

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