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[2000-11-25-IWA-PR-Night of the Champions] Hardcore Elimination Match


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I can’t ID everyone here, but those I do recognise are Vyzago, Pain, Ninjitsu, Ricky Banderas, Huracan Castillo Jr, Taka Michinoku, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Super Crazy, Chicky Starr, Victor the Bodyguard and Savio Vega.  Everyone has a weapon and the match begins with everyone outside the ring on the floor.  Vyzago is first to be busted open from what I think is the first shot of the match.  RF is having a terrible time trying to keep up with everything here.  Like last night’s Hardcore match, this is also nothing but the wrestlers hitting each other with weapons (primarily trash cans, trash can lids, baking trays, chairs and Kendo sticks).  People are making covers on the gym floor so it looks like this is Falls Count Anywhere too.  Vyzago is bleeding pretty profusely now.  Chicky gets a pin on Ninjitsu and he’s holding up a belt.  Crazy was doing that earlier so maybe its last man holding the belt at the end of the twenty minutes is declared the champion?  Feinstein is spending a lot of time following Tajiri again and misses at least one elimination.  Savio destroys an unknown chest with vicious chops, as Victor joins Vyzago in sporting the crimson mask.  Tajiri pins Miguel with a Magistral cradle with about the third actual wrestling move of the match.  He eliminates an unknown and then nails Vyz with a handspring elbow as this starts to actually resemble a wrestling match.  Castillo KO’s Tajiri with an object and he becomes the current title holder.  With the time limit fast approaching Victor and Castillo trade near falls, the bell signifying the end of the time limit just as Victor goes for a sunset flip.  As the last person to have gained a pinfall, Huracan Castillo Jr is the IWA-PR Hardcore champion.  Post-match interview between he and Victor conclude things but I’d long since had enough.

I’ll start by saying that I had no idea what the rules were to this or that it was even an elimination match at first, I was having to piece things together as I was going along.  The final couple of minutes when it became a wrestling match was okay, but it was an almighty chore sitting through everything up to then and it was way worse than the Corino tag match from last night’s show.  I was seriously contemplating fast forwarding to the end to find out the result half way in as I was bored numb of watching people hit each other over the head.

For posterity’s sake I did a bit of digging afterwards and according to RF’s website the unidentified wrestlers were Andy Anderson, Andres Borges, Shan Hall and Nuevo Gran Apollo.  With that added information I believe the belt went from Borges to Crazy to Ninjitsu to Chicky to Miguel to Tajiri and finally ending up with Castillo.

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