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[2000-12-13-WCW-Thunder] Scott Steiner vs Meng


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A big test for ‘Big Poppa Pump’ just four days away from defending his World title against Sid Vicious at Starrcade.  Ric Flair has become tired of trying to keep Steiner and Vicious apart so has made an open offer for Sid to show up at the arena if he wants to.  Steiner tells the Commissioner that his plans are going to waste as Sid is too afraid to, but challenges him to show up at Starrcade, if he’s got the guts, where he’ll kick his ass and take him straight to hell.  As Steiner goes on about what he’s going to do to Meng he’s jumped from behind by the big Tongan who unloads with a bevy of punches, dropping ‘the champ’ in the corner.  Backbreaker for a two.  Steiner smartly rolls to the outside to stop the opening onslaught.  Back inside Meng telegraphs a backdrop and ‘BPP’ with a reverse neckbreaker.  You’d think he’d be wanting to get this one over with asap, not so, preferring to flex and kiss his biceps.  As he then starts doing pushups Mike Tenay agrees with my thoughts thinking that this could be a mistake.    Scotty hoists Meng up and sits him on the top turnbuckle, however he fires off repeated headbutts and Steiner falls backwards to the mat.  Clothesline from the middle followed by a second rope splash.  Meng runs into a big boot and, as he staggers, Steiner hooks him with a belly to belly.  He tosses him to the outside, however Meng with the reversal on the floor and Big Poppa Pump goes clattering into the railings.  Midajah is on Meng’s back, and although he shrugs her off, the distraction allows Steiner to land a clothesline.  Paisley goes after Midajah however the ‘catfight’ spot, usually a crowd pleaser, gets hardly any reaction.  I don’t think the commentators could be any more obvious with their telegraphing of Sid’s arrival at this point.  Steiner breaks the Tongan Death grip and hits a release overhead suplex.  ‘Steiner Recliner’ and as Sid slowly ambles down towards the ring the referee calls for the bell as this one’s over.  The two briefly go at it, Thunder closing just as Sid leaves Steiner laying with a chokelsam.

A better match than you would expect.  Steiner is Steiner, but Meng was motivated and worked hard here, almost as if he was trying to make the most of getting a rare TV main event to show what he had.

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