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[2000-12-09-NWA Wildside-TV] Lazz vs Caprice Coleman


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NWA Wildside Junior Heavyweight title match, Caprice Coleman having earned himself a shot at the gold due to racking up the wins in recent weeks.  Coleman has got one almighty chip on his shoulder, talking about how he was told to stay in the corner, how his time will come, that Cham Pain stole his spotlight, that he was given tag team partners who suck and the one who never they took off him, that he’s never been given a chance and that the crowd has held him down.  He doesn’t need them as it is his time to shine.  When talking about Lazz he says he’s going to “smear the queer that does the spear”.  They do bleep out the word queer, but not a chance that line is being approved or making air in 2019.  As Lazz makes his entrance, doing his dance at ringside, he’s surprised by a wild Coleman flip dive, who then kicks and stomps away on his downed opponent.  Inside Lazz ducks the back elbow and lands a spinning headscissors.  He clotheslines Coleman back out to the floor with Caprice landing hard on the wood.  Awesome, deep, somersault bodyblock from the top turnbuckle to the floor.  Referee Andrew Thomas prevents Lazz from throwing a closed fist and as he does so Coleman cheap shots the champion, inadvertently turning the match in the challenger’s favour.  Spinning axe kick.  Dropkick to the knee followed by a Dragon screw leg whip as Caprice focuses his attack on the knee.  With Lazz backed up in the corner Coleman fires away with shots to the ribs.  He intertwines his leg in the ropes and dropkicks it before then wrapping it around the ringpost.  The backdrop is telegraphed and Lazz with a go behind into a Russian legsweep.  Nice to see him actually still selling the leg.  As he hobbles around, Caprice clips it out just as we go to a commercial break.  On our return Coleman delays on a second Dragon screw and Lazz connects with an enziguiri.  He whips him into the corner, however there’s no-one home on the charge and an ‘Ice Cutter’ gets Coleman a near fall, the champion only saving his title by getting a foot over the bottom rope.  Thomas gets bumped so there is no-one to count when Lazz hits the ‘Britney Spear’.  After slapping the mat himself he goes over to check on the official.  Low blow by Coleman, he then cradles Lazz and uses the ropes for added leverage to become the new Wildside Junior Heavyweight champion.

Not floorless but a good TV match.  Coleman looks like he could be someone with this new attitude and the flip dive to the floor might have been the best, most surprising, start to a match all year.  I really appreciate Lazz continuing to sell the leg on his comeback, something that Derrick King doesn’t bother to do later in the month.  Incidentally both matches contained the same spot leading to the comeback with the delay on the Dragon screw allowing the enziguiri.  Worth a watch.

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