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[2000-12-30-APW-King of Indies 2000] Donovan Morgan vs Vic Capri


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Morgan has got the nickname ‘Funboy’ which could have a multitude of connotations.  The two are fairly evenly matched as neither gets the upper hand in the chain wrestling department.  Capri is the first to open up firing off punches and moving away from pure wrestling.  Morgan tries that Jacques Rougeau reverse roll off a backdrop but doesn’t make the best effort of it.  High backdrop followed by a dropkick sends Capri to the outside.  Tope suicida.  Saito suplex for a two.  Capri ducks under the clothesline, snatches the arm and hits a great looking exploder.  Running splash in the corner and after Morgan collapses to the mat, he baseball slide dropkicks him in the groin.  Springboard kneedrop, Capri then forward rolls through, leaps to the top turnbuckle but misses the moonsault.  Locomotion Northern Lights suplex finishing with an ‘X-Factor’, Morgan kicking out of the cover.  Capri gets dumped with a German.  Release overhead suplex.  Morgan with a top rope rana, almost landing on his head.  Shiranui by Capri.  Finally Morgan with a sit out pedigree that puts his opponent down, ‘the Funboy’ joining Michael Modest in the semi-finals.

An Indyriffic match as they try to cram as many big movez~ into six minutes as possible.  Some cool suplexes in there, but this lacked the character work that was evident in the opener.

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