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[2000-12-02-UWC] Mike Quackenbush vs Don Montoya


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No audio on this for me, so, with time now at a premium as I race to finish, I’m not sitting through all the pre-match interviews and mic work when I can’t hear a thing.  Montoya is accompanied by Reckless Youth and Rick Silver who he has in his corner.  If you have the same issue skip to 06:30, that’s when ‘the Don’ and Quack are taking it in turns to climb the turnbuckles to see who gets the biggest reaction, only Don ‘slips’ as he climbs and headbutts the top one.  The match itself gets going eight minutes in.  It looks like Reckless is filming for a bit as a graphic comes on screen saying ‘Reckless cam’, all I can say is stick to the day job as he makes RF look competent.  I think I’ve written “the Tiger Mask spinning drop toe hold” twice all project and both times in the past day, Quack doing a far better version here than Suicide Kid did.  Quack with the Bob Backlund crossface chicken wing, Montoya stomping on his foot to escape.  He distracts the ref so Reckless can attack him, but as he holds him in position on the outside, Quack moves and Don nails Reckless with the baseball slide.  Corkscrew plancha from the top turnbuckle to the floor.  Back inside and more comedy, Quack backed into the corner but constantly avoiding Montoya’s punches and kicks as the Don keeps connecting with the padding.  Silver trips Quack from out at ringside and Montoya with a tilt-a-whirl side slam.  After that corkscrew legdrop of his he does, the worst Fargo strut you’ll ever see followed by a marginally better Rick Rude hip swivel.  He comes up short on the twisting splash from the middle so has to crawl over to Quack to cover him.  Pretty sure that was deliberate.  Back up to the middle and he misses again, Quack avoiding the big splash.  Montoya is straight to his feet claiming that he’s okay, only to fall backwards to the mat.  Quack off the top with a frog splash.  He throws out some palm strikes but Don ducks a shot lands a trio of release German suplexes.  One all impact powerbomb later and this one’s over.

Much more comedy based than previous matches involving these, so the lack of audio really hurts as you miss out on the crowd laughter as Montoya constantly comes a cropper.  Still very funny and I genuinely laughed out loud on more than one occasion throughout.  Even without sound worth persevering with as I’m sure most will enjoy something in there.

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