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[2000-12-03-ECW-Massacre on 34th Street] Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke vs Danny Doring & Roadkill


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As we learned on Hardcore TV, Doring and Roadkill have promised to split up if they don’t win the straps tonight.  With that added factor weighing on their minds they’re got much more serious expressions on their face than usual.  Guido slaps Doring, who charges, and gets taken down with a Fujiwara armbar. He gives up on that pretty quickly, opting for a rolling cradle, but considering it’s so early in the match maybe he would’ve been better fared sticking with the submission as Doring hangs with him on the mat, picking up some covers of his own before the inevitable “stand-off”.  The two trade hard open handed slaps to the chest and when Mamaluke enters the fray he gets the same treatment.  Quesadora bulldog on Roadkill.  A textbook armdrag from Mamaluke, who keeps hold of the arm to transition into an armbar, although Roadkill just lifts him up overhead and drops him to the mat to escape.  Guido tries an attack from behind but he gets caught and floored with the ‘Lancaster Lariat of Lust’.  Now Big Sal is interfering so Roadkill steps out and goes toe to toe with him, both throwing big haymakers.  Leaping tornado DDT from the top turnbuckle to the concrete by Mamaluke.  Doring, not to be outdone, heads upstairs himself, however Guido cracks him over the back with a chair.  Double powerbomb onto the flattened out chair as the FBI go about getting the heat.  ‘Sicilian slice’ for a two, referee John Finnegan out of position and not paying attention.  ‘The Dastardly One’ avoids an uppercut and hits the ‘G-Spot Sweep’.  Hot tag to Roadkill who is like an unstoppable freight train in there the way he’s running through the FBI.  ‘Barn Burner’ on Guido and a big Amish-bomb for Mamaluke that turns him inside out.  He’s not forgotten about earlier, springing from the top rope out onto Big Sal, taking him out of the equation.  Some ugly looking stomachbreaker from the top by Doring to Mamaluke.  Guido KO’s him with one of the title belts, however he still kicks out of the cover.  Roadkill misses the attempted double springboard clothesline and the FBI with a double Fujiwara armbar.  Mamaluke lets go as he sees Doring about to break things up, but ends up getting backdropped over the top rope.  He manages to land on the apron, but a Doring superkick sends him flying into the guardrail, ending up in the front row due to his momentum.  That was a seriously amazing bump.  Roadkill blocks the ‘Kiss of Death’, which Cyrus calls ‘the Tomokaze’ and the challengers hit the ‘Buggy Bang’ to, at last, become the new ECW World tag team champions.

I wasn’t feeling this match as much as I had done the teams previous encounters, while the crowd too didn’t seem to be as loud in their support of Doring & Roadkill either.  A case of putting off the title change, putting it off and they put if off past the point where folk now don’t care?  Even the added stipulation of Doring & Roadkill splitting up didn’t add anything to proceedings.  We’ll see how they fly as champions for what’s left of the promotion.  Not one of Danny Doring’s better outings either and there is better out there for these teams.

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