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[2000-12-30-APW-King of Indies 2000] Michael Modest vs Donovan Morgan


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The ring announcer is adamant in his belief that “there is no doubt you’ll see them (Modest and Morgan) in WCW and the WWF soon” when doing his introductions.  Well he was right, although I reckon he was hoping for better than what they actually got.  A slap to the back of the head after some chain wrestling riles Morgan and he starts firing off some forearms.  Modest rolls to the outside but Morgan follows him out and rams his head into the guard rail.  Back inside Modest catches him on the tip up and crotches Morgan on the top rope.  It looks like Modest hurt his leg on the leap frog.  I thought he was doing the spot where the wrestler fakes an injury to lure his opponent in, but after clotheslining Morgan he takes a few additional seconds on the mat and is clearly favouring it, still shaking it out later.  The backdrop is telegraphed, up kick by Morgan who then immediately goes for that leg with a submission.  Bravo, they were working me and I fell for it.  Tiger Driver, but he doesn’t go for the pin, preferring to opt for an ankle lock instead.  Modest ducks a swinging arm and folds Morgan up with a release Dragon suplex.  Another leglock variation by Morgan, clearly feeling that a submission is his most likely route for victory.  As he comes rushing in Modest snatches him, lifts him onto his shoulders and hits a running Death Valley Driver.  A second Dragon suplex is blocked and Morgan with a sit out pedigree, getting the ‘upset’ of sorts over the number one seed and moving onto the finals.

Solid match with a clearly defined face and heel divide, something that has been an issue at times with APW.  I was expecting a twenty minute epic out of these so it was nice to see them tell a story in under ten, no doubt limiting things because they’re working multiple times on the night.  I enjoyed the leg work here, Modest’s selling and moreso the fact that they completely duped me.

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