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[2000-12-16-IWA-MS-Christmas Carnage] Bull Pain vs Blaze (Barbed Wire Baseball Bat)


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Blaze is not happy that they’ve stuck a pretty guy like him in a barbed wire match with a maniac like Bull Pain.  He’s introduced as being from “anywhere but Charlestown” which made me laugh.  An open handed slap to the (covered) chest and Blaze is already taking time out on the floor.  The thirty minute timer on the counter does not look appealing at the moment!  Blaze is struggling to deal with big Bull and takes three separate trips to the outside within the opening three minutes.  Back inside he rakes Pain across the eyes, although can’t maintain any sort of advantage whatever he tries.  Bull goes over to collect the barbed wire bat, however Blaze with a low blow before he can do so.  Nice teasing of the crowd there.  Neckbreaker by Blaze gets him a two count.  He tosses Pain to the outside and connects on the pescado, Bull’s fall broken by landing in a chair.  The crowd are there with light tubes but he just ignores them.  Pain jabs a chair into Blaze’s head before suplexing him on the concrete.  Returning to the ring he misses an elbow drop from the middle and Blaze with a Russian legsweep.  He goes straight for that barbed wire bat, bringing it down on Bull’s head.  Belly to back suplex.  Blaze sits him on the top turnbuckle, rana, but Pain holds onto the ropes.  Flying clothesline.  Payback time as Bull grabs the bat and swings a home run into his mid-section.  DDT onto the barbed wire.  There’s no mercy being shown, Bull continuing to use that bat as a weapon, even grinding it into Blaze’s forehead.  Blaze counters the belly to belly and Bull takes a fall onto the bat.  Another DDT by Bull.  He pulls Blaze to the centre of the ring and heads upstairs, unaware though that Blaze has placed the bat onto his stomach, so when he jumps, he lands on the barbed wire.  Double clothesline sees both men go down.  Bull blocks a piledriver, jawbreaker and some sort of sit-out slam onto the bat which puts Blaze away.  The fight carries on after the match Blaze getting launched into the Christmas tree and also choked with barbed wire.

Better than I expected even if it did suffer like numerous IWA-MS matches of going too long.  I liked the story at the start of Blaze not being able to get the better of his opponent as well as the teases of the bat, saving the actual use of it for the final third.  It did start to lose its way towards the end and could’ve done with having five minutes knocked off (not the first time I’ve written those words in 2000).

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