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[2000-12-01-OMEGA] A.J. Styles vs Rick Michaels


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The chap who was managing Christian York & Joey Matthews is here managing Michaels, getting tough with a member of security as he makes his way to the ring, although ends up falling on his ass (deliberately) as he vaults over the top rope.  He wants quiet from the audience which leads to them wailing at him like he’s a baby. The attempts at garnering heat from them is not drawing much, but at least I’ve found out what his name is “because whatever Al wants, Al Getz”.  After leaving a stray hand on the apron, Styles stomps on it, resulting in Michaels exiting the ring and kissing the hand better.  There’s a horrible screw up by A.J. and I’ve no idea what he was even attempting.   A pair of drop toe holds into a side headlock, Michaels using a belly to back to escape.  Styles takes a great bump into the turnbuckles, Michaels sidestepping his charge and kicking him up the backside and sending him flying into them.  Think the Chris Hamrick bump, only into the turnbuckles as opposed through the ropes to the floor.  Michaels throws him out to ringside where Getz puts the boots in (getting far more heat here than in his pre-match verbals).  A.J. reverses the whip to the corner, but then slips as he goes for the backflip off his opponent’s chest.  Not to be defeated he whips him to the opposite corner, tries it a second time...and slips again.  Michaels must’ve greased his chest!  Sky high guillotine legdrop, cover, Getz climbs up onto the apron and the ref just stops his count to go over to him.  With his back turned to the wrestlers, Michaels grabs his title belt and KO’s A.J. with it for the win.

Even with all my notes, lists and the like I do struggle to remember things, especially stuff I watched almost three years ago, however I can comfortably say one of the worst, if not the worst, A.J. matches of the year.

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