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[2000-12-16-IWA-MS-Christmas Carnage] Todd Morton vs Hy-Zaya


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A match to determine the new IWA-MS Light Heavyweight champion; I’m guessing there are no height restrictions for this title then?  The crowd are already chanting at Morton to “shut the fuck” and all he’s done is grab the microphone.  He’s giving Hy-Zaya one opportunity to go back to the dressing room and give this one up before he comes in there and “beats the black” off his ass.  Don’t worry, it gets worse.  The audio is a bit distorted/unclear but there’s proper race baiting stuff going on, referring to Zaya and his second (a black guy I don’t recognise) as “your type”, he mentions assassinating people and finally gives Zaya one final chance to give it up before “I beat your black f****** ass n****!”  There’s your most distasteful promo of the year Ladies and Gents.  As unacceptable and uncomfortable as all that was it has lit a fire under Zaya.  Morton counters a ‘Code Red’ with ‘Money in the Bank’, halting his opponent’s initial burst.  After his previous match against Suicide Kid I was expecting another wrestling based encounter here but it has been all kick, punch, choke from him.  Different approach due to his obvious distaste for Zaya?  Jeez, now Morton is putting his foot on the bottom rope in front of the second and telling him “I need my shoes waxed boy, shine my shoes boy”.  Every time it looks like Zaya might be getting back into it he’s cut off.  Nice delayed brainbuster.  Morton drops a knee and then it sounds like he mockingly tries to get the crowd to start a “Go N**** Go!” chant.  He front suplexes Zaya, dropping him across the top rope, but when he makes the cover, lifts him up at the count of two “he needs more of an ass whipping”.  Like when, bar squashes, has someone who’s ever done that gone on to win the match?  As expected he takes one too many liberties and Zaya gets the pinfall following a frog splash.  Three guys rush from the dressing room joining Morton in a post-match beat down on Zaya and his second (one is Chris Hero the other two maybe Harry Palmer and Mark Wolf).  Suicide Kid tries to make the save but the heels have too many numbers, it is only when Corporal Robinson, Ian Rotten, Rollin Hard and Cash Flo run out do they get out of dodge.  Morton has final words for everyone, calling Kid a “wigga”, a white boy who wants to be black.

After the opening shine Morton beats Zaya for the rest of the match interspersed with a few hope spots that get cut off pretty much straight away.  Zaya’s portrayed as if he can’t really hang and the finish, almost as if Morton slipped on a banana peel (he sat Zaya on the top turnbuckle, went up after him, Zaya got in some shots, Morton fell backwards to the mat, frog splash, over).  Probably too long for what it was and needed to be, I know, in IWA-MS, who would’ve thunk it?  The racial stuff from Morton was way past uncomfortable.

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