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[2000-05-20-IPW-May Massacre II] Ric Blade vs O.G. Scarface


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Some wolf whistles for Shorti, have this crowd never seen a woman before?  Unfortunately it looks like the video quality is every bit as bad as during the Horowitz/Capone match.  The O.G. has a valet of his own, her name being Climax.  Very tough viewing due to the aforementioned VQ which is unwatchable at times.  I can bypass it in say a Barry Horowitz match because I enjoy watching him wrestle, and while I do enjoy Ric Blade, for completely different reasons I may add, when it’s the same contrived, co-operative routine he’s been doing all year the attention span drifts.  Admittedly not helped by Scarface showing nothing bar one cool sunset flip powerbomb from the top, although it looked like it even took them two attempts at executing that correctly.  Oh yeah, Blade landed on the top of his head when attempting a backflip on another occasion.  We get an almost obligatory ref bump and then a bunch of run ins from guys I don’t recognise.  Someone in a CZW T-shirt (ditto) comes to help Blade and as everyone disperses almost as quickly as they arrived, Blade hits the four storey moonsault for the win.  Surely I could’ve found something better to do with fifteen minutes than watch this?

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