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[2000-12-09-MCW-TV] Lance Cade & Shooter Schultz vs Tracey Smothers & Fabulous Rocker


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Awesome rotation on the Schultz powerslams.  Combination drop toe hold/legdrop to the back of the next and Smothers ducks out of there to the floor.  Rocker is in, but Cade presses him overhead and launches him out at Tracey.  A cheap shot by the Rocker stops the rot as they start to take over on the Kliq.  Arabian moonsault, erroneously called a senton.  Good stuff by Kevin Kelly, giving us Tracey’s T-H-U-G catchphrase from behind the mic.  Cade kicks out after the Rocker Swanton, Smothers doing the bulk of the work for his team with Rocker only coming in for the high spots.  As it looks like Lance might be getting back into this, more interference from Rocker slows his momentum.  DDT by Tracey for a two count.  Lance gets his knees up on the ‘Rocket launcher’, Tracey misses something, also missed by the camera, and he makes the hot tag.  Brock Lesnar may have ‘Suplex City’ but he’s got nothing on Shooter Schultz; butterflies, T-Bones, release belly to backs, he’s throwing Rocker and Smothers all over the place here.  Fucking hell, as he lifts Rocker up onto his shoulder a swinging leg KO’s the referee.  I’ve seen that spot so many times this year.  As Shooter checks on the official Rocker cracks him in the back with a chair.  He hooks the trunks on the cover and after getting the three wants a King Kong Bundy style five count, allegedly one for every child he’s fathered!  That was funny.

The last I’ll be seeing of Shooter Schultz in 2000 and I really wish he would’ve stuck with the wrestling business, like Dragon and Spanky, when they were released from their developmental deals.  Out of the three I’d have him ahead of Spanky and if I had a choice I would certainly watch him over a young Mr Kendrick.  Overdone finish which I could quite happily never see again, but this was a decent TV match.

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