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[2000-12-16-IWA-MS-Christmas Carnage] Corporal Robinson vs Allister Fear (Last Man Standing)


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Strong words from Allister Fear, promising the fans that tonight is the last they will ever see of Corporal Robinson in the IWA.  Some smug doufus in the crowd is pleased with himself when he changes his fist to a middle finger as Corp goes to bump it. Prick.  Jim Fannin reminds everyone that pinfalls don’t count, hopefully that means we won’t be seeing the wrestlers go for covers.  Fear’s initial confidence disappears fast as he stalls for all he’s worth outside of the ring and then hides behind the referee.  Corp eventually grabs hold of him and launches him through the ropes to the floor, clobbering him with whatever he can get his hands on.  A light tube over the head busts him open hardway I think.  I do like Fear’s sort of wibbly wobbly selling that he does.  He gets suplexed onto the barbed wire Christmas tree and I think bar the Todd Morton one that has now been used in every other match on the show.  Fear rams Corp’s head into a ring post before positioning a couple of chairs adjacent to each other.  Corp blocks the bulldog and reverses things into a gourdbuster, however those chairs part like the Red Sea and Fear hits hard on the concrete.  Slingshot guillotine legdrop back into the ring.  Fear just beats the count and despite my initial concerns no pinfalls have been attempted yet.  Cradle piledriver onto a pile of chairs, this time though he’s up quicker.  As he gets to his feet he grabs hold of the referee, pulling him in, allowing someone to sprint from the dressing room and KO Corp with an object of some sort.  Corp doesn’t beat the count, Fear stealing a victory after being beaten on most of the match.  ‘Rugby Thug’ Trent Baker introduces himself after, he being the one who did the KO’ing.  Hmmm, he sounds like a Brit?  He is here to shame the USA and what better way to start that with Corporal Robinson.

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