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[2000-12-30-APW-King of Indies 2000] Scoot Andrews vs Vincenzo Massaro


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Scoot has got some large chested woman in his corner alongside a stereotypical generic Indy manager whose name I don’t catch.  Ditto Massaro, although not the largest chested woman!  Big Vincenzo shows some agility with the leap frog.  He rushes at Scoot who ducks out the way and he goes careering over the top rope to the outside.  Slow motion flip dive to the floor. It’s missed by the camera, but I think big tits slaps Massaro, he takes off after her but gets cut off by Andrews. Back inside Scoot targets Vinny’s leg, even distracting the ref at one point so that his manager can wrap it around the ringpost behind his back.  Massaro’s manager is doing nothing to stop this, just aimlessly gesticulating at the ref.  Vinny reverses the whip to the corner, however, as he hobbles in, Scoot avoids the running (?) knee, the knee colliding directly with the turnbuckle and inadvertently injuring himself even more.  Andrews grapevines the leg, his manager providing added leverage from ringside.  He misses the top rope legdrop and very nice to see Vinny hobbling around on his comeback, not blowing off everything that has gone before. Side slam for a near fall.  Scoot rolls out the way of the middle rope moonsault and applies an inverted figure four for the submission.  A slight tinge of disappointment on my part as I was hoping Scoot was going to lean back into the Gibson leglock but he never.  Massaro sells the leg all the way to the back as he is helped to the dressing room.

Good focussed limb work by Scoot, top selling from Vinny, especially on his comeback and the submission, the culmination of everything that had gone down earlier. Not sure the point of either of the managers, or the valet, as all three were nondescript.

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