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[2019-08-11-AJPW] Takuya Nomura & Fuminori Abe vs Hikaru Sato & Takuya Wada


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Another dope Astronauts match with plenty to love on. Abe getting caught with that open hand early from Sato and his staggered sell. The intensity of the Nomura/Wada exchanges, which leads to nasty slaps and corner headbutts -- Wada's Northern lights suplex is snappy as hell. Loved Sato going nuts on Nomura with the ground-and-pound, and then Nomura German suplexing Sato as he's reaching for the tag. Another neat spot came with Abe catching the double wrist-lock off the German suplex hold by Wada and slickly keeping it locked in through Wada's struggles. His set up to the cross kneebar on Sato before turning that into a legtrap German was also very cool. Fun mix of shoot-style and pro-wrestling with a motivated Sato turning up the heat and Abe getting plenty of time to shine.

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