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[2000-12-16-NWA Wildside-TV] Onyx & Terry Knight vs Suicidal Tendencies (John Phoenix & Adam Jacobs)


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Suicidal Tendencies are introduced as being John Phoenix & Adam Jacobs, Air Paris is with them so I wonder if they’ll be operating under Freebird rules again?  Paris is wearing a Sabu T-shirt, as he’s got an upcoming World title match against him (on 12/14), although providing the dates are correct, it’s weird to know that this is airing after that match has already taken place.  A cool spot early when Phoenix holds onto the ropes to block the Onyx O’Connor roll, so Knight just clotheslines him across the top rope from the apron.  Phoenix lands on his feet off a backflip and hits a swinging neckbreaker.  High crossbody by Jacobs on Knight.  The commentators have either got short memories or the dates are definitely wrong here as they’re talking about this being Jacobs’ debut as a member of Suicidal Tendencies on TV, even though we saw him as a part of the group in that match against Onyx & A.J. Styles a fortnight ago.  We go to a commercial break, however unlike previous occasions where the advertisements have interrupted the flow of things, we don’t miss anything here, luckily, because that means we don’t miss a great drop toe hold/standing shooting star combination by the Tendencies.  Onyx presses Jacobs overhead and hurls him out to the hard wooden floor.  That brings Air Paris into the ring to replace him and it does look again like they’re going to be using all three members of the team against the NWA Elite.  As Phoenix checks on Jacobs, Onyx belly to backs Paris over the top rope and onto them in a great little spot. Phoenix gets the jump on Onyx as he’s not paying attention before a second standing shooting star of the night.  Paris has taken off and it sounds like he’s leaving his fellow Tendencies to it, realising that wrestling so close to a World title match isn’t the wisest of ideas.  Middle rope moonsault by Jacobs.  Jeff G. Bailey is up on the apron distracting referee Andrew Thomas after a Phoenix frog splash, which in turn allows Knight to get in there and the Elite with a double flapjack.  Knight works over his lower back, while at the same time Paris has made his return and is trading verbals with Styles (who is in the Elite’s corner).  The fans seem torn over who to cheer for here.  It’s mentioned that David Flair vs Romeo Bliss will be on the big show this week and while I’m not that fussed we don’t have that, I wouldn’t have minded seeing the Total Destruction, Tank Abbott, Cole Twins and White Trash one that is also talked about.  Slingshot suplex and Jacobs is in to break up the cover.  Phoenix with a running crossbody for a two, however Knight knew what was coming next so pulls Thomas around so that his back is turned and he misses seeing Phoenix make the tag.  As Thomas looks to get Jacobs out of there, the Elite switch places not bothering with a tag themselves.  Onyx throws Phoenix to the floor where Styles and Bailey put the boots to him.  Running high knee by Knight who then draws Jacobs into the ring so he can get in some illegal shots.  For the third time Thomas fails to see a tag before Jacobs is drawn in...again.  Knight with a bombs away kneedrop.  Phoenix rolls out the way of the Onyx Swanton and at the fourth (I think) time of asking he makes a tag which is seen.  Jacobs cleans house on the Elite and Knight is forced to save his partner following an Alabama Jam.  That brings Phoenix back in and as the four duke it out in the ring, Styles and Paris go at it at ringside.  The Cole Twins join Styles in the attack as the bell starts ringing, Thomas having thrown the match out.  Paris is left all alone as Phoenix & Jacobs fights Onyx & Knight to the dressing room. Bailey yells at Paris about how he won’t even be alive to wrestle Sabu before Styles puts a foot on his chest and does the Sabu “pointing at the ceiling pose”.

A final taped promo from Bailey and Styles airs, Jeff G. saying that a new World champion will be crowned on December 14th (these dates have to be wrong).  A.J. has fought his way from the very bottom of the card to the very top and this is the culmination of all that hard work which is going to be rewarded. Sabu can’t compete with A.J. Styles, he’s not the same calibre of athlete he is.  Him going to Japan and all over the USA to wrestle doesn’t matter because the wrestling in Cornelia, GA is the best in the world and A.J. Styles is at the front of it.

There were moments of real goodness in here such as the FIP section on Phoenix and the work of Terry Knight, who is almost suited to a long form match like this, while Suicidal Tendencies are group I’m enjoying, especially Phoenix who I had never seen before this project.  However like so many Indy matches, and I have no idea how many times I have written this, the match went too long.  From start to finish this went thirty minutes and the match was dragged out for no viable reason.  There was no call for three false tag spots or a multitude of “drawing your opponent in” spots on top of those and the less said about the super cheap finish the better.  The thing is I did enjoy it, but at the same time find it hard to recommend as a one off match.  Maybe it’s because I know the context.  There’s an excellent match in there, just realise you don’t need to go long to achieve it.  Oh, I’m convinced the dates are incorrect also.

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