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[2000-12-03-ECW-Massacre on 34th Street] Tommy Dreamer vs C.W. Anderson


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After previously bloodying up Tommy Dreamer on Hardcore TV, C.W. Anderson is planning to use him here tonight as a stepping stone on his way to the World title.  Joey Styles says though that “the heart and soul of ECW” should not be used as a stepping stone by anyone.  Anderson doesn’t even let Stephen D’Angelis finish his introductions, spitting in the face of Dreamer and telling that “New York pussy” to fight him.  Hangman’s neckbreaker by Dreamer and C.W. is already backing off, wondering whether riling Tommy up was in fact the smartest of moves.  He offers a hand, his other behind his back, which Dreamer accepts, only to give him a Russian legsweep after pulling him up to his feet.  Single arm DDT, tearing a page out of ‘the Enforcer’s’ book.  Cyrus calls him a “master of psychology”, intimidating his opponent by using their own style against them.  C.W. floats over on the attempted slam, shoulder stunner followed by a superkick.  He throws Dreamer over the top rope to the floor where he traps his arm between a chair and the ringpost before bashing it twice with another chair.  The fight heads off into the crowd, some of the fans more interested in mugging for the cameras rather than watching the action.  It looks like Dreamer has regained the advantage only for C.W. to block the suplex and counter with a delayed one onto the concrete.  On returning to the ring Anderson returns to targeting Dreamer’s arm.  After wedging a chair between the top two turnbuckles, Tommy with the reversal and C.W. goes crashing shoulder first into the metal, both now fighting with just the one good arm.  Dreamer drops C.W. across the upright part of a chair, climbs to the middle, crabs along the ropes, does his crucifixion pose with one arm and then drops an elbow.  He grabs a towel from the ring crew, which he wraps around Anderson’s neck, and mimicking the way ‘Towel Boy’ dries the ropes prior to every match, does so with C.W.  That looks pretty hokey in my eyes and takes away any seriousness from proceedings.  Dreamer turns to the crowd laughing about it but pays for doing so with an Anderson right hand.  C.W. grabs ‘Towel Boy’, yanking him into the ring and then whipping him at Tommy.  As he charges, Dreamer lifts the ‘Towel Boy’ up and he kicks Anderson in the face.  Yuck.  Tornado DDT.  Lou E. Dangerously is out and he breaks a phone over Dreamer’s head, leading to the actual boss, Paul E., laying Lou with his phone.  These needless run-ins are very quickly taking me out of the match.  The involvement of the ‘Towel Boy’, Lou E. and Paul E. was unnecessary and unwanted.  ‘Spicolli Driver’ for a near fall.  C.W. with the Ferris Wheel.  Anderson comes a cropper again on the charge, ending up tied in the ‘Tree of Woe’ and having his head caved in with the baseball slide.  Delayed piledriver.  Dreamer takes too long climbing the turnbuckles and C.W. launches a chair into his face.  Superplex onto a flattened out table.  Rather than use that one, Anderson collects a table of his own from the under the ring which he bridges up in the corner.  ‘Tommyhawk’ by Dreamer.  Anderson blocks a second ‘Spicolli Driver’ and counters with a spinebuster through the table for the win.  As he celebrates the win Joey Styles talks about a new dawning in ECW and ‘the Enforcer’ being the one leading the charge.

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