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[2000-12-03-ECW-Massacre on 34th Street] Steve Corino vs Jerry Lynn vs Justin Credible (Three Way Dance)


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Francine has made it clear that there will be no nookie for Justin Credible until he wins back the ECW World title.  H.C. Loc is reffing this, I would’ve thought one of the more experienced officials (i.e. Finnegan or Molyneux) would’ve gotten this gig.  Joey Styles thinks it is worse to have won the World title than to have never won it at all.  Can’t say I agree with that sentiment Joey.  The opening shine is for Lynn until he gets stomped down by Credible, who had been the odd man out for the first few minutes.  Corino whips him into the corner, Credible taking his bump over the turnbuckles.  He is quickly joined on the outside by Corino, courtesy of a clothesline, as the match takes to the floor.  Lynn throws Corino over the guardrail into the front row and was supposed to backdrop Credible onto him, however he lands hard, shin first, onto the steel instead.  He’s not happy effing and jeffing and telling Lynn to “get off” him as he disappears for a bit to shake that banged up leg out prior to returning to the fray.  A great call from Cyrus when talking about the strategy you should adopt in a three-way, explaining that you have to pick an opponent, pick a weakness and then go after it.  You can’t bounce back and forth between both guys as you won’t achieve much that way.  Lynn counters ‘That’s Incredible’ with a tombstone for a two count.  Corino misses a chair shot and Lynn dropkicks it into his own face.  Cradle piledriver to Corino on the chair.  Francine is in and now trying to seduce Lynn.  Great, just what’s wanted after the needless interference in the ‘Three Way Dance’.  Credible gets behind Lynn however the former champion isn’t falling for Francine’s charms and when she goes to kick him in the groin he jumps up and she connects with Credible instead.  JC goes to deck Jerry but he ducks and cracks Francine.  He blocks the cradle piledriver, front kick, ‘That’s Incredible’ and Lynn is the first man out of there.  Cyrus walks out of the broadcast booth on his elimination, claiming he can’t take any more after yet another “screw job”.  The crowd are now chanting for the Sandman, do they know something I don’t?  Credible and Corino end up on the outside again and fight towards the entrance way, Corino momentarily disappearing before returning with a ladder.  We see Francine getting Atlas Security to check her jaw, still selling it, and doing a better job than most of the wrestlers on that front.  Corino bridges the ladder up against the railing but Credible reverses the whip sending the champion hard into it.  Back inside Credible opens up a chair, however just like the ladder ended up biting Corino on the backside, this bites Justin, a drop toe hold sending him crashing head first into it.  A low blow sees him regain the momentum and he suplexes Corino onto the ladder.  For the third time in the match they’re out at ringside with Credible using his Singapore cane as a weapon, jabbing it into Corino’s mid-section.  The camera work has been real bad at times and again here as we lose the wrestlers as they head off into the crowd.  This is actually appalling how bad it is.  Next we see of them they’re up on the balcony where Credible takes Corino’s head off with a cane shot.  He dumps the ‘King of Old School’ over the balcony, Corino hanging on by his fingertips, before two more shots see him fall to the floor.  Well I say see, that was completely missed by the camera.  Honestly, RF has been terrible with his filming at times but this is worse than even him.  Despite falling from a balcony when they come back into view it’s Corino who is in control.  A big slap fest as they take it in turns to brutalize the other’s chest with chops.  Corino kicks out of ‘That’s Incredible’ as Joey Styles says “Justin Credible is just incredulous”, how long has he had that line in the bag ready to be used?  Credible goes flying into the ladder after Corino moves, ‘Old School Expulsion’ and the champion retains.  He doesn’t get chance to celebrate for long, Sandman out and obliterating a cane over Corino’s body.  There’s your next challenger, Sandman claiming that the belt is his, even if Corino is the World champion.

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