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[2001-05-14-WWF-Raw Dark] Leviathan vs Nick Dinsmore


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The WWF debut of the future Batista (who would also work the following night’s tapings in Louisville, also against Nick Dinsmore).  Leviathan grabs Dinsmore around the neck and throws him into the corner where he unloads with shots.  A high beel out of there and now Dinsmore is in the opposite one, struggling to get to his feet.  He avoids the charge but his shots are having no effect on the ‘Demon of the Deep’.  Leviathan easily shakes off an up-kick after telegraphing a backdrop and we get some good facials from Dinsmore, looking out to the fans, his face saying “what do I have to hurt this man?” Press slam into a powerslam.  Dinsmore rolls out the way of this horrible looking elbow drop, only for the Irish whip to be reversed and Leviathan then plants him with a spinebuster.  Running lariat in the corner.  The nerve hold kills the crowd though, it’s bad judgment on someone’s part thinking folk want to see that in 2001.  Leviathan accidentally straddles himself across the top rope when missing a scissor kick, before Dinsmore clothesline him across it.  Missile dropkick gets a huge pop from the fans.  Dinsmore plays to them for too long and is floored by a clothesline.  Big slam and big Dave gets the win.

Smart booking from whoever made this match, putting Leviathan in there with one of the best workers in OVW and someone who he would’ve trained with plenty down there (even if he did come across as a regulation jobber due to how things were laid out).  Bar the match killing nerve hold, pretty much how it should’ve gone, although Leviathan looked greener here than what he has done so far in OVW.

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