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[2001-09-08-WWC-28th Anniversario] Invader I vs Fidel Sierra

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The action is joined in progress with both wrestlers, as well as the referee, down.  As the bloodied Invader gets to his feet, Fantasy, Sierra’s valet, lightly taps him in the head with a chair.  He kicks out of the cover and while I’m reluctant to use the words “sympathetic babyface” about Invader I, that’s pretty much what he is here, bloodied, beaten, but not giving up and constantly trying to fight back. Sierra’s punches fire him up, only for his jumping headbutt to take more out of him than it does his opponent.  With Fantasy distracting the official Sierra grabs his Cuban flag and cracks it over the Invader for a near fall.  After ducking under a clothesline, a heart punch staggers Sierra who ends up falling to the mat, convulsing slightly, as Invader covers him for the win.

A typically short, clipped, WWC match, but it was okay for what we saw.

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