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[2001-09-08-WWC-28th Anniversario] Abdullah the Butcher vs Big Hail


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You may remember Big Hail from WCW where he wrestled a few matches under his real name, Emory Hale, wrestled DDP on an episode of Thunder as the masked ‘Machine’ and showed up towards the end run of Saturday Night in 2000 as Hail.  If you’ve not seen him before he’s a big jacked up dude.  Meltzer wrote that Hulk Hogan ended up having him under contract, basically in that if he ever got his own promotion off the ground, he was going to be his big rival.  I think he does turn up in the XWF later in the year.  Abby is carrying some gold over his shoulder, well it’s hardly fitting around his waist is it?  Hail’s punches look terrible and he’s pulling them badly.  Jimmy Hart, managing Hail, uses his megaphone to bust Abby open, they haven’t even made it into the ring at this point.  While this isn’t joined in progress, it is clipped, and next we see Hail choking Abby with some cable.  ‘The Butcher’ is really struggling to climb the wooden ring steps, confirming my thoughts from last year in regards to him.  Hail applies a bearhug and while he can surprisingly wrap his arms around the big ball of blubber, when he tries to lift him off the floor he immediately drops him back down.  Hart is working harder than either wrestler, running interference and sprinting around the ring to avoid the clutches of Abby’s second.  After some thrusts to the throat drop Hail, Abby pulls a fork out of his curly toed boots.  He drops a big elbow and Hart is in the ring to stop the count, the referee immediately calling for the bell, DQ’ing Hail. A bunch of guys run out to attack Abby, Konnan making the save and clearing the ring with a baseball bat.  The fight restarts on the baseball field, the “tough” Butcher avoiding the wrestlers and picking on little Jimmy instead!

It ended up being better than the infamous Abby/Zeus match which I thought it may end up rivalling at one point, but the Butcher’s run of dire performances in WWC continues.

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