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[2001-09-15-HWA-TV] Mark Jindrak vs Steve Bradley

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Add another WWF developmental territory to Steve Bradley’s resume with the HWA.  The WCW vs WWF feud has morphed its way across to developmental, although Jim Cornette points out that Bradley is his own man who calls his own shots and makes his own decisions.  Jindrak rolls out the way of the moonsault and lands a butterfly suplex.  Some great looking lefts to the jaw.  He telegraphs the backdrop but Bradley can’t capitalise and Jindrak takes his head off with a clothesline.  It’s his turn to miss the target after heading upstairs, Bradley avoiding a ropey looking twisting splash.  Swinging neckbreaker by Bradley, however Jamie Noble is out and distracts the referee from seeing the cover.  Missile dropkick and now Noble is upon the apron.  Bradley takes his eyes off his opponent and gets caught with a double underhook, Jindrak dropping him face first onto his knee, for the win.  Mike Sanders joins Corny and Les Thatcher in the commentary booth and has some words for Bradley, telling him that’s what he gets for putting his hands on a true champion and he just found out who his daddy is!

A completely different Mark Jindrak to the one we saw in WCW; gone are the athletic high spots replaced with rear chinlocks.  The one athletic move we saw out of him (the splash) looked bad and he needs a new finisher too.  Bradley vs Noble looks like the kind of feud I would enjoy, certainly in the ring, but it looks like Bradley vs Sanders is where we’re heading, something that would certainly test “the Baddest Mo’Fo’s” abilities far more.

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