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[2001-09-29-HWA-TV] Shannon Moore vs Matt Stryker

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Matt Stryker, as in ‘Unibrow’ Matt Stryker, that unibrow evident in all its glory.  No Jim Cornette this week, Brock Guffman joining Les Thatcher on colour.  Guffman with implications that the WCW wrestlers are all gay because they don’t have any women with them.  Come back Corny all is forgiven!  Nice side headlock throws by Stryker, the former HWA Cruiserweight champion who recently lost the strap to Jamie Noble.  Shannon deliberately dropkicks the leg and despite Stryker trying to shield it out of his grasp as he hobbles around, Moore eventually gets him down and starts stomping away on it.  He continues targeting that leg, wrapping it around the ropes before kicking it some more.  Stryker with a one footed dropkick but his leg gives out on the powerslam.  Single leg crab by Moore, manoeuvring position so that he can get hold of the top rope for additional leverage.  Helena Heavenly, Stryker’s valet, is up on the apron and Shannon lets go of the hold to snatch her.  Schoolboy for a near fall.  After kicking out of the German that followed Moore returns to the half crab, this time using the ropes right in front of the official.  Referee David Hoffen counts to five and when Shannon doesn’t break he calls for the bell for the DQ.  Guffman says that he can’t remember ever seeing anyone getting DQ’d for not breaking on the five count, while Thatcher thinks that he wasn’t bothered about getting the win, WCW were just wanting to take Stryker out to save Jamie Noble a title defense.

Weak finish obviously, but at least there is reasoning behind it.  The work between the two and the selling by Stryker was very good up until then.

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