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[2001-09-29-HWA-TV] The Prototype vs Russ Haas

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The Prototype, who comes out to the Rocky theme, attacks Russ from behind so he’s playing the heel here.  It sounds like he’s aligned himself with WCW, after they recruited him, according to what Les Thatcher is saying.  Haas ducks a swinging right and comes back with a flying forearm.  Cena does bump and feed well for Haas’ offense.  He counters a huracanrana with a powerbomb before opening up, although his punches look quite raggedy.  Russ avoids a standing splash and Cena is back bumping and feeding for him again.  Modified uranage by Haas, when Kwee Wee runs out and attacks Russ for the DQ.  Charlie rushes from the dressing room to help his brother and they quickly clear the ring of Kwee Wee.  He doesn’t bother sticking around or even attempting to try and help Prototype who falls to a double chokeslam, his recruitment by WCW already over it would seem.

Always interesting to see where John Cena is at in his development; good poise, bumping and feeding, poor punches, not sure he’d be cut out to be a heel from what we saw here.

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