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[2001-09-WWC] Ray Gonzalez vs Big Hail

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Hail’s offense here looks better than against Abdullah the Butcher, some effective knife edge chops and punches that actually look like they connect.  Jimmy Hart is again providing interference from the floor, putting the boots to Gonzalez after he takes a bump over the turnbuckles to the outside from a whip to the corner.  Gonzalez with a dropkick to the knee followed by a big slam.  Hail kicks out of the cover and responds with a bodyslam of his own.  He heads up top, however Gonzalez falls into the ropes causing him to lose his balance and crotch himself across the top rope.  Hart gets decked when he climbs onto the apron and with Gonzalez mounting a comeback, he signals for the troops, Thunder & Lightning running out for the DQ.  Carly Colon makes the save and the two see the heels off. 

Less than four minutes of footage here which was not only joined in progress but also clipped too.  I wonder if Hogan had it written in Hail’s contract that he wasn’t allowed to do jobs so we got these non-decisions in Puerto Rico?

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