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[2020-03-07-wXw-AMBITION 12] Chris Ridgeway vs Daniel Makabe

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Right from the get go they establish Ridgeway's strikes as something to fear w/ him delivering some leg kicks, which Makabe sells big. It's not long after when he starts to just kick the shit out of Makabe, to put it bluntly. And it's great. Really, really great. All of his kicks look super lethal, and as Makabe annoys him w/ a lil' slap, he changes it up & delivers a much more brutal looking n' sounding slap of his own, and then quickly after that, he just destroys poor Makabe with some absolutely devastating forearms to the mid-section. Absolutely LOVED his work as on the offense here, as he came off as a complete killer. At least 50% of that is of course due to Makabe's superb underdog performance -- he really sold every strike he got hit with amazingly, and he just truly FELT like a true scrappy underdog throughout. Both guys delivered big time in their roles to say the least. Greatttttt match. ****

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