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[2020-03-03-Kagetsu Retirement Show ~ Many Face] Meiko Satomura vs Kagetsu

Tenese Sarwieh

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An intense battle with Kagetsu trying to finally best her trainer/mentor. She comes out in her old attire during her Sendai Girls tenure signaling that she wanted to go straight for her final match. This went back and forth with Satomura throwing on point brutal kicks in efforts to slow down her former pupil. As Satomura continued to gain steam Kagetsu had no choice but to spray her with that mist. The finishing stretch was amazing with each women kicking out of the other's finisher multiple times then finally it ends with Satomura hitting Scorpion Rising to put away her former student. Highly recommended watch to all and what a way to end your career for Kagetsu.

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