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  1. Tenese Sarwieh

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Solid episode with continuing build for BFG. Eric Young continues to shine in his heel role in being the crazed maniac. I'm so excited for Purrazzo/Rae, two women that can go I think will do something special. Also Meehan is a clown.
  2. Sullivan is a good program for Drew once this thing with Orton is done.
  3. I don't watch any basketball except for the finals and it always humors me whenever the Lebron the GOAT conversation happens. You're either logical or a Bronsexual.
  4. Tenese Sarwieh

    [2020-09-27-WWE-Clash of Champions] Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso

    I know some adore this match for it's storytelling, but it didn't land for me. The work was fine but there was way too much melodrama with the talking dialogue instead of being subtle in execuiting the same story to gain same effect. Show me and tell less.
  5. She's incredible, they better not mess her up.
  6. Tenese Sarwieh

    G1 Climax 30

    Night eight is easily the weakest of the whole tournament so far, everything was just meh.
  7. Tenese Sarwieh

    G1 Climax 30

    Pretty much with a slight edge to Kenta/ZSJ being MOTN.
  8. Tenese Sarwieh

    Who is the worst booker ever?

    I'm going currently with Shuji Ishikawa in All Japan. They had some buzz with Shotaro Ashino and the rest of Enfant Terribles coming in. They had a good build coming in being the invaders and beating everyone but when it was time to pull the trigger and put the belt on Ashino beating Suwama he didn't. Not only that all of the members of Enfant Terribles lost their big matches making them look less special. Also this year's Champion Carnival has been a bust, most of these matches has been cold and stale. A major change needs to be made asap.
  9. Vince seeing all the negative reaction to Aaliyah/Murphy and thinking "This some good shit".
  10. I dig these Bianca Belair Mr Perfect like vignettes, she needs to be in the ring asap.
  11. I have no problem with it as long he's not complaining on how he's being used.
  12. Remember when Daniel Bryan went out of his way to make Drew Gulak look serious? those days are gone.
  13. The traveling champion Thunder Rosa takes her talents to UWN defending her NWA Women’s title against Priscilla Kelly and is was great. These two brought it being snug with each other using the empty arena setting most effectively throwing hard chops and kicks making this feel like a real struggle. Rosa was her usual great self, she’s been killing it being one of the best women wrestlers in the world for 2020. What really impressed me was the performance of Priscilla Kelly. She was great keeping up and dishing it out, I really want to see what’s next for her. This is going in the notebook.