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  1. Tenese Sarwieh

    Who's more important?

    This is so spot on. They're treating him better now but damage has already been done. Sad to say it but when his program with Corbin is over he'll get in the main event scene not getting booed as previously and win the Universal Championship and people will see him as just a guy.
  2. Tenese Sarwieh

    Who's more important?

    Luckily Gedo is smarter than that.
  3. Tenese Sarwieh

    2019 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Ten new members huh? I hope Villano III, Jun Akiyama, and Junkyard Dog are among those.
  4. Tenese Sarwieh

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    The act needs to be scrapped completely in my view. These are two talented guys and there being wasted with this hot garbage. Also you now have 2 other dark gimmicks right now being Brandi/Kong and Blade/Butcher/Bunny. They couldn't come up with with a good variation of the super smash brothers name?
  5. Tenese Sarwieh

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Gordi do yourself a favor and watch the 6 person gauntlet, you will not be disappointed.
  6. Tenese Sarwieh

    Who's more important?

    I'm in the not even close camp myself with Okada, I was curious in seeing who could come up with a strong argument for Reigns. It's all all about presenting your chosen top guy as special and while New Japan excelled in this aspect WWE failed miserably. Thanks good sir.
  7. Tenese Sarwieh

    Who's more important?

    With the decade being wrapped up I want the evaluate two of it's biggest stars, Roman Reigns & Kazuchika Okada. I want to know from the forum who was more important to the decade? You can go by any metric (Matches Quality, Drawing Power, or anything you see to help your opinion).
  8. Tenese Sarwieh

    Best of the 2010s

    Like stated above Okada is a layup for wrestler of the decade (and rightfully deserved) but I'm going with Tetsuya Naito. From 2013 til now has been the story of his quest to win the IWGP title at the Tokyo Dome. From making promises in Osaka, fans voting on the main event, having a stint in CMLL, to forming LIJ it always comes back with him trying to get that belt.
  9. Tenese Sarwieh

    WWE TV 11/25 - 12/1 Soccer does take politics away from the spotlight

    No worries the endgame will be Corbin, lol.
  10. Tenese Sarwieh

    NWA Powerrr

    The complete opposite, I get major Rock vibes from Drake. From the way he walks, he talks, even his movements in the ring you can see the influence.
  11. Tenese Sarwieh

    WWE TV 11/25 - 12/1 Soccer does take politics away from the spotlight

    What a Judas Effect.
  12. Tenese Sarwieh

    WWE TV 11/25 - 12/1 Soccer does take politics away from the spotlight

    At least their not fighting the crowd responses like they did with Roman and turn this geek.
  13. Tenese Sarwieh

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    This is the best episode of Impact in the AXS era to date and much is credited to the number one contender gauntlet. This thing was awesome, everyone got their shine in and propped Tessa as she should be but the star that came out of this was Rich Swann. Hope this leads to him being more in the championship title scene.
  14. A perfect mix of comedy and seriousness, not really surprising based on who was in the match. Honda/Omega did a great job at being bases for Riho/Miyu. And speaking of Omega, Kenny Omega returns to DDT and the crowd treated him like the biggest star ever. Everything he did they are it up, he couldn't have done no wrong that night. He was so smooth doing his thing and with cool tag maneuvers with Riho. Honda was just the same as Kenny in this even to the point of tapping into his inner Jerry Lawler dropping his strap and throwing punches. Miyu was awesome doing stiff kicks and playing the straight woman to Honda's antics. Riho was her usual self flying round, another excellent match on this show.
  15. A fantastically well built match with these two. Everything was crisp and clean and they went at a good pace while showing great intensity that peaked at the right time, truly one of the best matches in TJP this year.