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  1. Have Kazunari Murakami pop up on Raw Underground the I'll be impressed.
  2. It's alluding to Antifa, still lame.
  3. Not in this current environment of WWE, the star making machine is dead. It sucks that we're in a pandemic because he could've easily traveled around the world for more seasoning instead of having those WWE habits drilled in him at a young age.
  4. The passion of the Dominik
  5. Tenese Sarwieh

    R.I.P. Kamala (James Harris)

    Sad news but at least there's no ore suffering he has to go through. I always think of his shoot song and this was my favorite R.I.P.
  6. Tenese Sarwieh

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I'm interested in where this HEATH angle is going. Either this ends with him just being the same character he was in WWE or when he finally get signed turns on Rhino and goes full blown serious. Also it only took two shows to make Eric Young a meaningful character on tv, he finally has something to do, happy for him.
  7. Tenese Sarwieh

    [2020-07-14-BASARA] Fuminori Abe vs Isami Kodaka

    This was a perfect example of how to make a style of match that some find boring a compelling story of attrition and these two knocked it out the park. It was fun seeing Kodaka out of his realm with the deathmatches, I need more of it.
  8. Jungle in her hometown going one more time for the red belt and also dedicating this to the memory of Hana Kimura, the stakes were high. In the case of Iwanti she's determined to defend her title in the place where she got injured and then later lost the red belt last year. This was nothing short of excellent, high drama from start to finish. Jungle using her power game and throwing bombs when need contrasted nicely with Mayu using her quickness and strikes to combat the attacks. Even though the finish came out no where it took nothing away from the masterpiece these two women painted. I'm a little bummed Jungle didn't win but this was a damn good match and is a very strong MOTYC.
  9. Tenese Sarwieh


    This company loves making their babyfaces look like fools, they didn't have to do Asuka like that.
  10. Tenese Sarwieh


    Just watch the video and my god it was so lame. One it makes Cole look like a chump instead of a star and two the larger audience don't know who Pat McAfee is. I mean if this was on Joe Rogan's podcast now we're talking because know him not on a show of a retired football player that wouldn't pass the mom test, and I like McAfee.
  11. His great but I can't say he's the best of this century. Don't get me wrong I love his work and he is always the standout of every tag team he's in it's most of the tag teams his was in are not consistent in putting out great performances as a whole.
  12. These two brought it here. A simple story of contrasting styles with the technical savvy of Purrazzo against the brute force of Grace. They wasted no time going at it with each trying to establish dominance from the start, it was a stalemate until Deonna found her opportunity to work on Jordynne’s left arm. The arm work was great, it looked vicious with Grace also did a good job of selling working underneath. Grace had a good comeback with a senton and worked over on Deonna’s back. Everything escalated with cool transitions of Grace trying to fend off the fujiwara until finally getting caught and tapping out. This match lived up to the hype and stole the show on Slammiversay.
  13. Tenese Sarwieh

    WWE TV 07/20 - 07/26 Eye popping action

    Well Mark did what he said cause their viewership is in the toilet, that clip does not age well. Whenever Monday Night Football comes get the shovels because it's over.
  14. Tenese Sarwieh

    NWA Powerrr

    Strom would be perfect in a program with MJF, the brash young upcoming star against the loveable old veteran. The promos back and forth would be amazing plus Mama Storm could be in a segment or two.
  15. An intense struggle that started hot from jump with both women showing great urgency in trying to secure the win quickly as possible. Everything they did was simple but executed on a more vicious level. Hokuto went nuts on Kazama’s back leading to some great brawling. In return Kazama tried her hardest to kick the leg off Hokuto. It all climaxed with the coolest sleeper hold i’d ever seen. This was great, it was short and the two went at a pace that made the finish believable.