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  1. Tenese Sarwieh

    Best Makeovers

    From fighting for puppies with Samoa Joe to being one of the biggest stars in the wrestling world, he should top the list.
  2. Tenese Sarwieh

    [2005-10-08-NOAH-Autumn Navigation] Genichiro Tenryu vs KENTA

    A glorious affair of KENTA fighting undernearth the onslaught of grumpy Tenryu's no fucks to give straight in your face style put in front of him. KENTA tried to gain momentum with kicks and forearm strikes but Tenryu wasn't having any bit of it and cut him off with beautiful looking jabs and lariats. Good comeback but again Tenryu cut that off with the quickness and picked up the win. Props to KENTA for being so giving and offering his body for abuse and add this great match in the cap for one of the best if not the best wrestlers in the 00s in Tenryu.
  3. An exhibition with all four guys grappling plus throwing stiff strikes with great intensity and snugness. Also throw in some mini hoss battle segments between Irie/WALTER and you have a fantastic match.
  4. Tenese Sarwieh

    AEW on TNT

    I think they're aiming for the two hour route.
  5. Tenese Sarwieh

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Not going to fault them with Lucha Brothers situation, they had no control over that. When it comes to Kross/Bordeaux I hope they can get this resolved quicky because these two brings life to their roster. Killer Kross is decent in the ring but what he excells in the most is promo work and presence. And Bordeaux is a good character and is fine in her role as the valet for Fallah Bah. They need to use Anthem money wisely. Nostalgia is good to a certain degree, while it's fun seeing the old ECW guys it would've been beneficial for The North and Moose to just killed them. Heyman always has the philosophy of if you bring in an old star his job is to get the fresh new talent over as possible, this should be applied in this area.
  6. Tenese Sarwieh

    [2019-06-09-NJPW-Dominion] Dragon Lee vs Will Ospreay

    Ospreay continues his campaign for WOTY, adding this epic battle with Dragon Lee on the list. All action with both throwing bombs and doing cool sequences with probably the greatest suicide dive I ever seen. Also great camera work catching the perfect angle when Ospreay landed on his feet from Dragon Lee's running hurricanrana.
  7. Tenese Sarwieh

    Best Makeovers

    I was watching some of the first season of Lucha Underground and it had me thinking about Ricky Banderas. He never held my interest anywhere he's been but when he put that mask on as Mil Muertes he jumps out at me. Curious to see if there's any other makeovers that did the same on the forum.
  8. Tenese Sarwieh

    [2019-06-09-NJPW-Dominion] Kota Ibushi vs Tetsuya Naito

    These two must of made a pact to go out their everytime and give each other near death experiences. I know everyone will focus only on the gruesome german spot but this really was a great match. Naito was on point being the heel working relentlessly on Ibushi's neck and spitting on anyone in sight. And Ibushi gave as much as he took giving stiff kicks and drops of his own. This was wrestling russian roulette at it's finest.
  9. Ric Flair/Fritz Von Erich that was not.
  10. Tenese Sarwieh

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    What a fun show A Night You Can't Mist was. Wished Mack/Swann/Hart had 5 more minutes but it was solid and so was everything else, also I can never get enough of seeing Great Muta on my screen.
  11. This was something and these two did not hold back one bit. Everything was intense, stiff, and was a struggle making it seem that both men was really trying to inflict the most pain on each other as possible. This is making my list.
  12. Tenese Sarwieh

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Tessa vs Momo would be excellent. She needs fresh opponents til they put the belt back on her and not be too bogged down with the intergender stuff.
  13. Tenese Sarwieh

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Digging them bringing in Havok for their women division, also a plus having James Mitchell being her manager. The only draw back is she's going to be tied down with the Rosemary/Su Yung stuff. Just have her be a monster and have Mithchell cut great promos. I think it would've been from them to have the working relationship with stardom instead of ROH. They could've easily filled out their tv tapings and ppvs with those fun stable trios matchs and other cool things. My only complaint with Impact is the use of The Rascalz, they have so much potential that has not been tapped into (especially Dezmond Xaiver). It's time for them to not be geeks or goofs and be put in a more serious role. Hopefully this program woth LAX can bring it out of them.
  14. I had high expectations for this one and they delivered hugely. I loved everything about this, from Shingo nearly messing up knee doing a dive to Ospreay beautifully countering the Jumping Bomber with a Liger Bomb. This match served it's purpose in elevating both men as they ascend to heavyweight.