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Tenese Sarwieh

[2020-02-15-Stardom-The Way To Major League] Takumi Iroha vs Mayu Iwatani

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It sucked that things fell apart for Mayu to have her match with Sareee but they found a great replacement in Takumi Iroha. This was an excellent affair with Iroha working on Iwatani's arm and shoulder. Everything Iroha did was crisp, clean, and stiff. Mayu was tremendous working underneath with her selling and showing great urgency in trying to get the win quickly as possible. The closing stretch was a thing of beauty of Takumi throwing every bomb she could and Mayu with a great comeback not staying down until she couldn't take anymore. Iroha coming out the victor was the right choice as it'll set up another match for Mayu's red belt, a MOTYC for sure.

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