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[2020-04-20-WWE-RAW] Murphy vs Rey Mysterio


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After some early back & forth, Rey starts yelling about his finger being fucked, and he starts walking towards the doc sitting ringside, but of course that won't fly well w/ Murphy, who comes in and attacks Rey there. After that the target is clear, as Murphy starts dishing out punishment to that finger & hand; plenty of nasty stomps, slamming it to the post, slamming it on the steps, standing on it -- it's wonderfully vicious stuff. The empty arena makes each mentioned slam and stomp sound all the more brutal, too. Other than that great work on Rey's finger/hand, Murphy was overall very solid on the offense. He is awesomely explosive & impactful with each big move he busts out, and while he is a bit annoyingly thigh-slappy with his strikes (which stands out, in a non-good way in these empty arena matches), he still throws good ones for sure. Rey of course also delivers with his terrific comebacks, having to fight from underneath & all. I especially really loved that sliding head-scissors deal he did to Murphy, who got slammed into the barricade HARD 'cause of it. A very good match. ***1/2

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