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[2001-01-08-WCW-NItro] Jeff Jarrett vs Scott Steiner


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Steiner lets us know this match is not going to happen tonight. Jarrett calls Flair Jurassic slap ass and says when he makes the rules, him and Steiner break them. Flair’s music comes up and he demands the match take place. Scott gets stripped of the title and Jeff loses his spot at Sin. Madaja is moved out of the way and Scott attacks from behind. Steiner has good offense and is posing and has his presence. Jarrett works this match as defacto face and hits a great dropkick at one point.  Steiner chokes Jarrett out in the corner and jaws with the crowd. Jarrett comes back and takes the fight to Scott on the outside. Steiner recovers and slams Jarrett onto the announcers table. He does the jack off gesture for the young lady sitting next to the announcers. Back in the ring, a stroke gets blocked and a belly to belly is hit for a nearfall. Sid comes charging in to cause the DQ and we go off the air with the mystery man also charging in. *1/2

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