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[2001-02-01-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Jericho vs Tazz


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‘The King’ is obsessing over the previous segment where Trish Stratus was in a hot tub.  Chris Jericho says that the word of the night is “extreme” and considering he’s been in steel cage matches, last man standing matches and even one of the most violent ladder matches in WWF history, he would say that he knows “extreme”.  Therefore he is issuing an open challenge for the Intercontinental championship right now.  As he reels off a few names wondering who might answer that challenge, out walks Tazz.  Tazz notes that Jericho might be a funny guy, but next to him he knows nothing about being extreme.  Yeah, this is definitely what I thought during that opening tables match.  He’ll take his challenge, he’ll take his Intercontinental title and he’ll be “just another victim”.  A hard chop to the chest drops Tazz.  Jericho snatches an arm, taking Tazz down and then crowbars that arm.  Head & Arm suplex by Tazz before clotheslining Y2J over the top rope to the outside.  Jericho reverses the whip on the floor, however when he comes charging in Tazz lifts him up and hotshots him on the barricade.  Tazz is mouthing off at Michael Cole, it really feels like they’re trying to transition him away from a wrestler and to a commentator with how they’re talking.  Another suplex dumping Jericho on his head.  A quick roll up for a two but Tazz cuts him off with a clothesline.  Enzuigiri and both men are down.  Tazz ducks a swinging arm and applies the ‘Tazzmission’, Y2J forced to mule kick his way out of it.  Bulldog, Lionsault and this one’s over.

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