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[2001-02-02-JAPW] Reckless Youth vs Elax


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Reckless addresses the fans saying “for the last year I’ve been...” to which someone quips “wasting your life!” which I thought was a quick, funny heckle. He hasn’t been wasting his life, he’s been down in Memphis, TN performing in the greatest wrestling city in this country.  This town here in New Jersey means nothing to him and the people here aren’t worth his time.  He goes on that the only good thing he ever heard coming out of New Jersey was when his good friend Christy Whitman passed a ban on extreme wrestling.  That draws a “Fuck Christy Whitman” chant, to which Reckless takes offense to, what with her being a close personal friend of his, so they change it to “Fuck you too!”  When they start cheering as he talks about packing his bag and returning to Memphis, he lets them know that because they want it it’s not going to happen.  He’s going to stay here and show them what wrestling is all about; no  dives, no chairs, he’s not going to risk himself for these pieces of garbage in what he sees as a tune up match before tomorrow’s three-way in Philadelphia where he plans to take the Jersey All Pro title.

Elax, who is known as ‘the Exploited Child’, comes out to “Connection” by Elastica.  Add that to The Smiths as well as the Sex Pistols and 2001 has seen some fine musical choices being used as entrance themes.  His punches do look bad and then he makes a mess of a simple slide through Reckless’ legs.  Holding Youth’s hand he struggles to climb the ropes, takes a couple of steps across the top one and just about manages to execute the rana.  He’s now slapping his forearm as he throws punches to make the noise, these aren’t well disguised at all.  Add snapping his opponent’s neck across the top rope to things which are a tough task for Mr Elax.  Jeez, twisting senton from the middle turnbuckle to the floor, Elax cracking his head on the concrete.  The guy’s a danger not only to his opponent but to himself too.  Back inside, as Reckless is on his knees backing off he kicks him around the side of the head, thigh slapping on those.  Reckless blocks the attempted superplex and counters with a front suplex.  Flying knee drop to the back of the head.  I think Reckless gives up on trying to tie Elax in the ‘Tree of Woe’, just hanging him upside down in the corner.  Elax avoids the somersault off the middle and starts firing back with those dreadful punches.  Spinning heel kick.  Reckless shoots him off on the attempted tornado DDT but then Elax botches the floatover DDT.  Give him credit for the competent moonsault only to then fuck up the monkey flip.  A Reckless Northern Lights Bomb ends this.

Elax is terrible and these two didn’t gel well together at all, although I imagine most would struggle to accomplish much with Elax.  The low ceiling meant they were restricted to coming off the second rung as opposed to the first, which in the end probably helped Elax as who knows how much he would’ve hurt his head on the concrete if he’d come off the top.  Reckless still works the crowd but his best work tonight was on the mic.  Bad match.

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