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[2001-02-05-WCW-Nitro] Shane Douglas vs Rick Steiner


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After picking up a non-title win last week, Steiner gets a United States title match tonight.  Douglas, who has his left arm in a cast, rags on “all the Tupelo Southern fried redneck hicks” when he’s interrupted by ‘the Dog Faced Gremlin’.  Scott Hudson claims that the odds don’t favour Rick beating Douglas on two consecutive Nitros.  I’ll happily take those odds Scott!  No-one has any idea why Shane’s wearing the cast, with the commentators suspicious it’s to use a weapon or hide an illegal object in.  The champion is immediately using that cast as a weapon, knocking Steiner out to the floor.  Slow motion whip into the guard rail.  Douglas pokes Steiner with a chair, like he’s poking a dog, before tapping him over the head with it.  He goes to clock him a second time when referee Jamie Tucker leans through the ropes and snatches it away.  Shane gets whipped into the railing and then has his head slammed into the title belt, which was laid out on the ringside table.  Back inside, Steiner catches Douglas on the leapfrog and dumps him.  Belly to belly.  He heads upstairs for the top rope bulldog, but as he jumps off Shane raises the cast up and he collides into it.  ‘The Franchiser’, which looks to be Danny Doring’s bareback, for a two, Douglas slow on making the cover.  A brief back and forth before Steiner gets Shane on his shoulders and hits the Steiner Driver (Death Valley Driver) to become the new U.S. champion.  About those odds Scott...

Two of the dullest wrestlers in the promotion put on a dull match, who would have thought it?

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