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[2001-02-05-WCW-Nitro] Scott Steiner vs Diamond Dallas Page


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Scott Hudson has the nerve to say Steiner was tired out by the Cruiserweights earlier; was he asleep during that match?  At least he’s in actual wrestling gear for this one.  I suppose you can disrespect the Cruiserweights by wrestling in your street wear, not a big star like Page though.  DDP showing a lot of fire early, a discus lariat putting the World champion down.  Uranage followed by a ‘Cactus clothesline’.  Steiner reverses the whip into the railing.  He goes to slam Page’s head into the apron but he blocks it and returns favour.  Back in the ring Midajah shakes the ropes as Page heads upstairs causing him to crotch himself, Steiner then picks him up and runs him all the way across the ring into the opposite turnbuckles.  Backbreaker for a two, Scotty threatening referee Billy Silverman that it wasn’t the three.  After a Steinerline he makes the cover but gets off him at two to do push ups.  Somewhere in there ‘Big Poppa’ got a bloodied lip.  Rolling Thunder belly to belly.  DDP gets a shoulder up and Silverman is cowering, fearing the worst.  He was right too; Steiner clubbing him before kicking him to the floor.  Floatover by Page and bang, the Diamond Cutter.  Knowing there’s no referee he hops out the ring to bring him back inside but, on coming around, Silverman signals for the DQ.  DDP celebrates amongst the fans when he’s jumped by Jeff Jarrett and a returning Chris Kanyon.

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