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[2001-02-05-WWF-Raw] Kurt Angle & The Rock vs Steve Austin & HHH (No DQ)


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The Rock is not in a good mood after Triple H involved himself in his World championship match last Thursday.  He notes that Steve Austin hates HHH as much as he does, but when Austin took the referee’s hand and counted 1-2-3, not only did he screw Triple H, but he also inadvertently screwed him too.  The fans don’t know how to react to that.  Rock admits if the situation was reversed he would have probably done the same, and ultimately holds HHH fully responsible, because Austin would never have been at ringside in the first place if he had never interjected himself into the match.  As a result he’s going to return the favour and if Triple H wants to earn a title shot, why doesn’t he come to the ring right now and earn it?  Stephanie is out on her own, HHH not far behind though when Rock makes jibes about his wife having bigger balls than him.  Triple H claims that he earned that shot on Thursday night and if it wasn’t for Steve Austin screwing him he would be a five time World champion now.  He’s pissed ,and as he can’t kick Austin’s ass right now nothing would give him greater pleasure than kicking the Rock’s.  Rock opens the ropes to invite him in as Hunter tells him to be careful for what you wish for.  As he removes his jacket, Kurt Angle shows up at the top of the rampway.  Angle doesn’t really have much to say, just that he finds it laughable that they want to have a match to face him when it’s ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin who is challenging him at Wrestlemania.  Mr McMahon is next to make an appearance, warning the fans to be nice or they won’t be getting a future XFL franchise when they chant “asshole” at him.  Rock interrupts before he has a chance to get going as he doesn’t want to hear another twenty minute tirade, all he wants to know is if he’s got Triple H tonight or not?  The chairman responds in the affirmative, although thinks both should have a partner.  He announces HHH & Austin vs Rock & Angle, the contractual stipulations for ‘Stone Cold’ and ‘The Game’ still in effect, in that should one attack the other, HHH will be suspended for six months and Austin will lose his World title shot.

Trish Stratus is seconding the WWF champion tonight.  This is now “no disqualification”, that must’ve been added later because I sure don’t remember Mr McMahon saying that when he made this.  The two men who will face each other at Wrestlemania get us underway, Austin landing a superplex early.  He tags out, rather than a normal tag though he slaps Triple H hard on the shoulder.  They may not be able to get physical, but it looks like they’re going to do their best to push the other’s buttons.  HHH isn’t best pleased, however doesn’t realise that the Rock is in and gets floored with a clothesline.  DDT.  He’s setting himself for the Rock Bottom when Angle tags himself in.  There’s no contractual stipulations for these two so Rock decks him!  Suplex by HHH and, as retaliation for earlier, he tags ‘Stone Cold’ by slapping him across the side of the head.  Ross notes how everyone is taking liberties with the World champion.  Austin backdrops him out to the floor with Angle taking a crazy bump.  HHH is watching from the apron, not paying attention, so Rock beels him into the ring.  After the Rock Bottom is cut off for a second time, he decks Triple H when out strolls the Big Show.  Angle has got an almighty smirk on his face and tosses Rock from the ring to him.  Final Cut on the ringside mats.  Kurt doesn’t see that Austin is back in the ring and he launches him to the floor where he and HHH take turns in slamming his head into the announce table, each trying to outdo the other.  The Rock is helped out of there by some refs leaving Angle, who can barely stand now, all alone.  Austin is leaning down on the top rope and when Triple H hits them he sails over the top to the outside.  Immediately he’s down checking on him, trying to explain it’s accidental, our commentators having differing views as to whether it was or not.  It’s replayed and I’m not sure.  Neckbreaker by ‘the Game’.  He goes to make a tag but Austin walks off to a different corner.  Maybe it was deliberate after all?  Angle with an overhead belly to belly.  The champ grabs a chair from ringside, however HHH boots him in the gut before he gets the chance to use it.  Pedigree.  Now Austin is in the ring distracting the referee who’s not seeing the cover.  It was definitely deliberate!  Triple H is hot, Austin though just flips the bird which leads to HHH taking a swing at him which misses.  Kurt low blows ‘the Game’ and then blasts him with a nasty chair shot. ‘Stone Cold’ watches on, not trying to help his partner, not caring about the result of the match and happy to see Hunter eat the fall.

The top of the card in the WWF is so good at the moment with these four.  An entertaining match that continues to stoke the fires for No Way Out where Austin and Triple H look set to explode.

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