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[2001-02-07-WCW-Thunder] Shane Helms vs Kaz Hayashi


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Qualifying bout for a six-man four corners (huh?) Cruiserweight Elimination match at Superbrawl Revenge, the winner of which will earn themselves a Cruiserweight title shot.  Shannon Moore has already qualified as a result of winning the four corners match on the 1/29 episode of Nitro.  I’m almost certain there was no mention during that of it being a qualifying match which shows the lack of long term planning going on, at least when it comes to the undercard.  No Leah Meow with Kaz, not that she’ll be missed.  Kaz is so quick.  The stand-off gets no response, which does show you the difference between the indies and here because in somewhere like CZW they would have got a big round of applause there.  Hayashi kicks away at Helms’ knee, eventually taking him off his feet.  When he goes to whip him into the ropes Shane takes a couple of steps and that’s all he can manage.  After the spin kick Kaz is onto the ref, getting him to ask Shane if he wants to continue.  Helms blocks the slingshot DDT and elevates Kaz to the outside, taking a flat back bump on the ringside mat in the process.  Froggy crossbody off the top, Helms disappointingly having stopped selling that leg.  Kaz reverses the whip on the floor, drapes Helms over the edge of the apron and drops a leg .  Inside Kaz leaps to the top rope and backflips over Shane, however Helms fluidly transitions into a snap mare.  A headscissors sends Shane under the bottom rope and back to the outside.  Plancha.  Helms blocks the attempted top rope Frankensteiner, holding on, and lands a super sunset flip.  Kaz rolls through but gets floored with the Sugar Smack.  Chavo Guerrero Jr strolls to ringside which briefly takes Helms out of his stride.  Running neckbreaker.  Shane calls for the Vertebreaker when he’s distracted by Chavo.  Springboard kick to the head by Kaz who then folds him up with a German suplex for the three.  Chavo and Helms eyeball each other post-match, Chavo letting him know that he’s watching him.

Normally I wouldn’t have an issue with this result but on Thunder last week Helms scored a huge win over Billy Kidman.  Fast forward five days and Kaz Hayashi was one of four men who were squashed in a handicap match against Scott Steiner; he shouldn’t have won this.  Chavo vs Helms does appear to be the end goal, so I’m sure this will be forgotten, but why not have Shane qualify here and then win the elimination match at the PPV?  Was very disappointed with the way he completely blew off selling the leg the moment it was time for him to go on the offence. 

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