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[2001-02-07-WCW-Thunder] Rey Mysterio Jr vs The Wall


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No mention of Rey being squashed by Road Warrior Animal as they run down some of his recent matches, hopefully that one has been erased from history.  The Wall is being accompanied by Chavo Guerrero Jr.  Still smarting from what happened on Monday he’s enlisted his former M.I.A. partner to help take Rey out.  Wall looks like a giant Dustin Rhodes.  Rey with an opening flurry until being caught on the springboard crossbody, the Wall then pressing him overhead with one arm.  He mistakenly turns his back and Rey is on that back trying for a sleeper.  It seems to be having some effect but the Wall gets to his feet and runs him into the corner.  He stands on the second rung, wraps an arm around his neck and lifts him up off the mat.  Rey gets tossed to the floor where Chavo whips him into and over the railings; no old boy in the front row tonight!  After sending Rey into the ringpost the Wall repeats what he did earlier, only standing on the announcer’s desk to lift Rey up this time.  Military press dropped over the top rope back inside.  Tony Schiavone is fearing for Mysterio’s well being while Tenay says how it’s been “total domination” from the Wall.  High belly to back suplex.  The Wall heads to the top rope but misses on the big legdrop.  Rey staggers him with a couple of running forearms before a springboard Thesz press finally takes the Wall off his feet.  Chavo is in to stop the count, however Rey sees him coming and gives him a helping hand out the other side.  Slingshot somersault out onto Chavo.  The Wall climbs the turnbuckles when from the back runs Hugh Morrus who gets him in an Electric Chair position, dumping him backwards to the mat.  Moonsault by the former General.  By the way all this is missed by the referee, who despite only being feet away doesn’t hear or see anything as he’s got his head through the ropes watching Rey and Chavo.  Rey with a gorgeous moonsault of his own and “there is justice after all” screams Tenay.  A livid Chavo jumps Rey post-match but is dragged off him by Hugh Morrus.

At least Rey never lost, that’s about the only positive thing I can say about this.

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