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[2001-02-07-WCW-Thunder] Kevin Nash & Diamond Dallas Page vs Jeff Jarrett & Rick Steiner


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‘The Insiders’ have their game faces on, Nash out for some revenge after Rick Steiner turned on him Monday night.  With ‘the Dog Faced Gremlin’ having joined the fold they’re calling Ric Flair’s group ‘the Magnificent Seven’.  After some Steiner interference Page walks into a Jarrett DDT.  They get the heat on him as it looks like DDP is going to be working the whole match until the finish.  Page avoids the Jarrett charge but gets floored by a Steiner clothesline from the apron.  Sleeper hold.   DDP fires in some back elbows, shoots Jarrett off and catches him with a sleeper of his own.  He’s obviously been watching Shannon Moore as he drops it into a sleeper slam.  Jarrett makes the tag first and Steiner is able to cut Page off before he can tag Nash and they go back to working him over.  Page fights his way out of the opposition corner before flooring Jarrett with a discus lariat.  Both men are down but this time he’s able to make that tag to ‘Big Sexy’. A pair of side slams, two big boots and the end comes following a Jackknife powerbomb on Steiner, DDP preventing Jarrett from saving his partner.  Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner make their way to the ring, while through the crowd comes Kronik to back up ‘the Insiders’.  As is par for the course at the moment, Thunder goes off air just as the good stuff is about to begin.

Kevin Nash really is the smartest an in the business, working all of a minute if that.  Surprisingly no Snake Eyes tonight though.  I couldn’t care less for Rick Steiner but Page and Jarrett continue to work well together.  With how things have been going I was shocked that we actually got a clean finish here.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2001-02-07-WCW-Thunder] Kevin Nash & Diamond Dallas Page vs Jeff Jarrett & Rick Steiner

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