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[2001-02-08-WWF-Smackdown] HHH vs Chris Jericho


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Chris Jericho was supposed to represent Triple H tonight in a match against Steve Austin’s representative Billy Gunn.  HHH took Gunn out backstage though, so Mr McMahon decreed he should therefore take his place in the match.  Y2J is disappointed ‘the Game’ didn’t have the confidence in him to represent him, especially after all they’ve been through, so rather than being his personal representative he’ll have to settle for being his personal ass kicker instead.  HHH wastes little time, but Jericho ducks his clothesline and comes back with a flying forearm.  Double leg and he’s already trying for the Walls, Triple H fighting him off from the bottom.  He’s now looking for the Pedigree, however they’re too close to the ropes and Jericho backdrops him over the top to the outside.  Springboard shoulderblock.  I was expecting the springboard dropkick and Michael Cole even called it.  Back inside HHH swats away the missile dropkick.  Suplex for a two.  As the ref admonishes ‘the Game’ for choking his opponent over the ropes, Stephanie continues to do the same behind his back.  She though makes the mistake of slapping Jericho, who grabs her by the hair and pulls her up onto the apron.  Triple H knees him from behind, however Steph gets bumped to the floor in the process.  He reigns down punches from the mount while checking on his wife’s well being.  Bizarrely, and very unlike him, he ascends to the middle turnbuckle.  As he turns to say something to Steph, Jericho catches him with a dropkick.  Top rope Frankensteiner!  Y2J runs through him with a pair of clotheslines followed by a flying back elbow, Triple H barely getting a shoulder up on the cover.  A bit of back and forth before Jericho lands a bulldog.  Eddy Guerrero is out but Y2J slugs him when he climbs onto the apron.  Hunter gets his knees up on the Lionsault and hits a Pedigree for the win.  Guerrero stands over a fallen Jericho when Steve Austin’s music starts.  As ‘the Rattlesnake’ strides to the ring we’re reminded that ‘the Game’ and he can’t touch each other.  Stephanie looks worried, although she needn’t be as Austin offers HHH a beer.  Eddy wants one himself, but ‘Stone Cold’ tells him to get out of there.  There’s only one way this is ending...  Some finger pointing by Eddy and it’s stunner time for him.  Jericho is back, double legging Triple H and putting him in the Walls.  Austin giving him some trash talk before dowsing him in beer, the two still physically having not touched.

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