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[2001-02-12-WCW-Nitro] Billy Kidman vs Elix Skipper


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Skipper has a message for all the dumb Americans; this is his house, he built this house, and he’s going to give them a taste of Primetime.  I wonder if someone is getting some new music soon...  Another qualifying match for the six-man Elimination at Superbrawl Revenge.  Shannon Moore, Kaz Hayashi and Yang have already qualified, the final two spots will be determined by a tag team bout on Thunder.  A headscissors takes Elix to the outside, Kidman then with a sliding bulldog onto the ringside mats.  Slingshot guillotine legdrop for a two.  Skipper with a float over and a snap release German.  Kidman misses a running crossbody as Elix does the matrix, his momentum sending him flying out the ring.  Twisting pescado.  Back inside Kidman reverses the whip to the corner, however Skipper avoids his charge and he goes crashing into the turnbuckles.  After being sat upstairs he fires off some punches and lands a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall, Elix just getting a shoulder up in time.  They trade suplex variations, Skipper’s Dragon suplex being the sweetest of the lot.  After a double arm he takes his time waiting for Kidman to get back to his feet.  Kidman ends up countering the Overdrive/Play of the Day or whatever it is they’re calling it into the Kid Crusher and we have our fourth man set for Superbrawl.

Good TV match.  One of Skipper’s best performances so far which is testament to who he was in there with and what a strong, reliable worker Kidman is.

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