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[2001-02-12-WCW-Nitro] Scott Steiner vs Kevin Nash


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I’ll eat my hat if we get a clean finish here!  As a result of Dustin Rhodes defeating Rick Steiner earlier, amongst other things, it gave ‘Big Sexy’ this title match.  Nash is dragging a gagged David Flair to the ring with him, he is about to give him the powerbomb when he’s interrupted by Ric Flair.  Flair is pleading for his son’s life, saying how he’s done everything Nash asked and begs him to let David go.  Those words fall on deaf ears, Nash giving the powerbomb, Flair losing it on seeing that.  Along with a couple of members of security they drag David from the ring as Scott Steiner makes his entrance for a match he didn’t want this close to Superbrawl.  Aggressive Nash is fancying his chances with Flair having promised there would be no outside interference (presumably when Nash was holding David hostage).  He clotheslines Steiner over the top rope to the outside when we cut backstage to see Ric putting David into a limo to be taken off to hospital.  Lex Luger asks him “What are we going to do?” to which Flair responds “Kill Nash!”  So much for no interference.  Steiner avoids being run into the ringpost and sends Nash into it instead.  Belly to belly suplex, Hudson having given up on calling it Rolling Thunder by the sound of things.  Steinerline.  Here comes the elbow drop followed by getting off his opponent at two to do push ups.  Yup, Steiner’s routine is as predictable as Nash’s.  Members of ‘the Magnificent Seven’ run out but are cut off the Cat, Dustin Rhodes and Kronik, who keep them at bay.  Nash escapes the rear chinlock and dumps the champion with a belly to back.  A series of rights stagger Steiner and it’s not long before the straps come down.  Here’s Ric Flair, unbuttoning his shirt, and on his way to the ring with some authority.  Jeez, Flair enters the ring, throws one shot, which is no sold, and the referee calls for the bell, DQ’ing the champ due to outside interference.  Nash forgets about Steiner and after powerbombing Flair gets taken out with a lead pipe to the knee.  Steiner brings it down on his knee three more times, Nitro going off air as Schiavone wonders whether Nash will be able to even make it to Superbrawl now.

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