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[2001-02-12-WWF-Raw] Matt & Jeff Hardy & Lita vs Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn & Terri


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After involving herself in the match last week on Smackdown Terri finds herself part of it this, although going by the outfit and high heel boots she’s wearing, I don’t think she’ll be involved much.  Dean Malenko is out again, watching from a distance at the top of the stage.  ‘The Radicalz’ with a double press slam on Jeff.  A nice belly to belly by Saturn before putting Jeff over his shoulder and running him upside down into the corner.  He crotches him upstairs, but Hardy fires off some back elbows and hits the Whisper in the Wind.  Tag to Matt who catches Saturn with a twisting neckbreaker.  Benoit gets backdropped over the top to the outside, Jeff then runs across the barricade and nails him with a flying clothesline.  Middle rope legdrop to Saturn.  Terri is in, on Matt’s back and more an inconvenience to him that anything, so he drags her over to their corner for Lita to get her hands on.  Saturn tries to save his beau but Lita takes him out with a leaping rana.  Twist of Fate on Terri, which she didn’t take well, Lita then lands the moonsault to give her team the win.  Saturn attacks Lita post-match for what she did to Terri, surprisingly though he’s pulled off her by Malenko, giving him a shove, not happy at all with him attacking the object of his affections.  Malenko lifts Lita up to her feet, only to clothesline her back down, ‘the King’ saying how he’s been spurned one time too many.

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