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[2001-02-12-WWF-Raw] Edge & Christian vs Kane & The Undertaker


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The Dudley Boyz are providing some guest commentary, the winners of this match going on to face them at No Way Out for the tag team titles.  Bubba says how there is no-one the Dudleys like beating up more than those two pretty boy punks, Edge & Christian.  E&C jump the ‘Brothers of Destruction’ from behind, which is probably their best strategy based on previous matches between these teams.  Well it may have seemed like a good strategy but it didn’t pan out so well in reality.  Double press slam on Edge.  Christian nails Kane with a chair, missed by the official who’s distracted by Taker and the Dudleys having words on the floor.  Barely a minute later Kane’s back dominating, Jerry Lawler in disbelief as it was less than two minutes ago he was laid out.  ‘King’ either has a poor memory or wasn’t paying attention much last year.  Kane gets crotched upstairs but then blocks the double superplex attempt, shoving E&C to the mat.  Tag to the ‘American Bad Ass’ and it’s more of the same as he runs through both.  Edge saves his partner following a chokeslam which brings Kane back in, and they quickly end up out at ringside.  Kane whips him into the Dudleys, who are immediately up from their seats, and a pier sixer ensues with everyone fighting everyone.  The match is thrown out and we even get a Sgt. Slaughter cameo in amongst the referees who are out trying to restore some order.  Lawler wonders who the number one contenders are after that and who will face the Dudleys at the PPV.  Three-way maybe?

After how the Undertaker treated Edge & Christian last year I seriously contemplated skipping this but thought I’d give it a looksy in case things have changed.  Nothing has changed, Kane & Taker steam rollered them again. Kane is someone who I have very little interest in watching so his appearances on my viewing will likely be limited to tags and multi person matches.

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