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[2001-02-17-OVW-TV] Brock Lesnar & Shelton Benjamin vs Disciples of Synn (Damien & Payne)


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The show opens with clips of a Minnesota Stretching Crew vs Disciples of Synn match from a spot show that looks like it’s being held in a nightclub.  Synn’s interference ended up backfiring and the MSC defeat them, using the Rocket Launcher, to win the Southern tag team titles.

We’re back at the Davis Arena after the previous two weeks of TV consisted of highlights from Christmas Chaos.  First title defense for the ‘Stretching Crew’ against the team they beat for the straps.  Some girl in the front row tries to hand Synn a balloon which she swipes out her hands and kicks away.  From Corny’s commentary it sounds like this is part of some angle, although I don’t recognise the girl playing the fan.  Damien backs Shelton into the Disciples’ corner and Payne helping on the double team only brings in Lesnar who hiptosses the pair half way across the ring.  Shelton with an armdrag which saw him leap to the top rope and then take a few steps across it.  Not a hope in hells chance he’d be allowed to do that on the main roster!  We’re informed that Leviathan has been suspended indefinitely following his actions at Christmas Chaos.  After the loss to Kane he went berserk in the locker room and a WWF official was injured in the fracas.  Shelton lands on his feet from a Payne backdrop and superkicks him under the chin for a two.  Lesnar backdrops him over the top rope, Cornette saying how the ref made a judgment call not to DQ him. However when he presses Damien and throws him out onto Payne he doesn’t even try to justify that, just ignoring it.  Double uranage.  Payne ducks a second superkick and hits a modified Sky High as the momentum in the match changes.  Top rope elbow by Damien.  The DoS are on the charge and Brock is twice forced to save his partner.  Face first suplex.  Shelton doesn’t see the blind tag and as he rolls Damien up he’s easy pickings for a Payne implant DDT.  The powerbomb is countered into a face jam but Shelton is in the wrong corner, scooting between Damien’s legs to make the hot tag.  Head & Arm suplex on Damien and a powerslam for Payne.  When Payne breaks up a pin attempts that brings Shelton back in as referee Robert Brisco starts to lose all control.  Brock runs into Payne’s raised feet, he then pulls him towards the ring post and cracks his ankle against it with a chair.  Brisco saw it though and calls for the DQ.  Cornette’s volume levels having raised about ten decibels on that. Lesnar is helpless, clutching at that ankle, while the DoS double team Shelton.  To add insult to injury Synn whips him with her cat o’ nine tails.  Referees and security who come out to try and restore order get disposed of, the final act seeing Synn throwing fire at one of the security staff, which leads to Dean Hill blaspheming and Corny calling her a “little red headed bitch”.

Pretty good action, although yet another disqualification in OVW and, not including the title change, that’s the second televised DQ finish in a row between these teams.

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