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[2001-02-17-OVW-TV] Mr Black vs Randy Orton (Hardcore)


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Jim Cornette updates us on events from earlier in the night, Brock Lesnar having been taken to hospital with a suspected broken ankle.  Orton gets the knees up on a Vader bomb, dropkicks Mr Black from the ring and then jumps out himself to collect a garbage can full of toys.  He dents a trash can over the Hardcore champion’s head and then makes use of an aluminium bat and a bowling ball.  Black ducks under the clothesline and a big boot floors the challenger.  He whips Orton with a leather strap before tying a noose around his neck.  Only in the South!  As he goes to run him into a chair that he’d wedged between the turnbuckles, Randy puts on the breaks and shoves Black into it.  Bolin Services look to interfere, but when Jerome Croney comes off the top with a trash can, Orton moves and he accidentally nails his own man instead.  One full nelson slam later and  Orton, just like the Minnesota Stretching Crew days earlier, picks up his first professional wrestling championship.

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