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[1992-08-29-WWF-Summerslam] Legion Of Doom vs Money Inc.


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This was the match that ended Legion of Doom's first run in WWF. Hawk was off his head on pills and screws up the finish and Animal has to improvise. Hawk would leave the company not too long after this, leaving Animal on his own. Despite this, Hawk's performance here was solid. He sells the beating that Money Inc. lay on him quite well for his standards. This starts with a lot of stalling, which is expected for an opener from this time period. LOD are super charismatic and the crowd loves them, so the stalling and posturing never bored me. Hawk crashes and burns after a fail top rope clothesline attempt and Money Inc. take control. They do a neat spot where Dibiase and IRS keep illegally double-teaming Hawk by taking turns having him in sleeper hold. Animal gets the win with a powerslam and the crowd pops big for L.O.D. This was pretty good, given the circumstances.


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