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[2001-02-18-WCW-Superbrawl Revenge] Scott Steiner vs Kevin Nash


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We get a recap from Nitro where Steiner took Nash out with a lead pipe, Tony Schiavone still running with the idea, which has been a show long theme, that they don’t know whether he will be here to wrestle or not.  A tuxedo wearing Ric Flair is out, taking a seat at the broadcast table, Schiavone thinking it’s a travesty what he has become.  The World champion interrupts Michael Buffer on his introductions as he doesn’t need him to tell him how great he is.  Considering how much they pay Buffer, the WCW brass won’t be pleased they’re not getting their money out of him tonight.  Steiner says he put Sting in hospital, took out Booker T, gave Goldberg the worse defeat of his career and broke Sid Vicious’ leg.  That’s a bit far fetched taking credit for the latter.  They replay the leg break on the big screen from various angles and also in slow mo.  Flair is applauding ‘Big Poppa Pump’ through all of this.  Steiner continues that no-one has seen Nash since he left the arena in an ambulance on Monday crying like a bitch.  He tells him that he’s not going to get with it that easy and invites Flair into the ring.  ‘The Boss’ thought Nash might “chicken out”, but that’s not what they’re about in the new WCW, they always want to give the people the best.  As a result not only is the World title on the line tonight, but the loser of the match will have to leave WCW forever.  Didn’t we just see this last month with Goldberg?  Flair orders Charles Robinson to start counting, he gets halfway to ten when Nash’s music plays, ‘Big Sexy’ being wheeled out by two women dressed as nurses, his leg in a cast.  Steiner has no sympathy for him but thinks he’s smart for not facing him and instructs Robinson to start another count. 

The champion turns away, climbing the turnbuckles to celebrate, not realising that Nash has pulled off his blanket to reveal it was a fake cast and that there is nothing wrong with him.  Flair’s yelling at Steiner trying to tell him but he’s oblivious.  Nash clocks Steiner with the title belt, the bell then rings, Nash with the cover and in a matter of seconds we have a new World champion.  ‘The Boss’ is having a coronary and changes the rules on the fly, now decreeing that this is 2 out of 3 falls.  Great!  We cut away from the match to see Totally Buff jumping DDP backstage and locking him in a case.  Steiner was busted open by that belt shot.  ‘Killer’ clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside, however when he follows him out Midajah grabs him by the hair, tossing Steiner the lead pipe at the same time.  Steiner then clocks Nash with the pipe, knocking him cold.  He’s unable to move the dead weighted Nash, so goes over to have a quick word with Flair, who then announces this is also Falls Count Anywhere.  ‘BPP’ covers Nash on the floor and we’re all tied up at one fall apiece.  Steiner has got hold of some brass knux which he uses to open Nash up.  In the ring it’s the same routine from Steiner that he does every match.  Nash starts to mount a comeback so Flair passes Steiner a chair and as Midajah holds Nash’s ankle he blasts him with it.  “He’s dead!” shouts Schiavone.  A terrible looking Recliner that ‘Killer’ powers out of (“he’s superhuman!”), the first person ever to do so.  I’ll give him some credit here he’s added a chokeslam to his repertoire, Steiner having to kick out of the cover as Midajah was late getting to Robinson to break it up.  Nash runs through his regular offense, even hitting the Jackknife powerbomb.  Midajah is in again,  jumping on Robinson to stop the count.  Maybe she wasn’t late last time and got her cue wrong?  Side slam on Midajah takes her out the game.  Nash re-covers Steiner and now Flair pulls Robinson from the ring at two.  Little Naitch then takes the best bump of the match when Flair slugs him.  Steiner with a low blow before nailing Nash with another chair shot.  Slick Johnson is out to replace Robinson, a second Recliner and the unconscious Nash’s arm drops three times, ‘Big Sexy’ gone from WCW. 

Schiavone says “this sucks!”  Never has a truer word been spoken, and I’m not talking about Nash losing and being gone from WCW.  This was his final match in the company; maybe they would’ve bought him and Goldberg back at the same time?  We’ll never know.  Pitiful stuff and the changing of the match stipulations is up there with the heel ref garbage.  A shit finish to what had been a strong PPV, at least when it comes to the matches I watched from it.

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