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[2001-02-21-WCW-Thunder] Kwee Wee vs Kaz Hayashi


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The Kwee Wee is tired of coming out here and trying to get Ric Flair’s attention.  He’s going to make him regret not having him on his team so is offering an open challenge to anyone on the roster.  Surprisingly the challenge is answered by Kaz Hayashi, not the person I would’ve expected to be high on the list of something like this.  A spinning heel kick sends the Kwee Wee to the outside.  Sweet twisting dive and he unloads with punches from the mount before rolling him back inside.  Kaz runs into a big boot and Kwee Wee with a running Thesz press.  This unique suplex variation where he suplexes Kaz into the turnbuckles.  Snap suplex.  The two jockey for position and as the Kwee Wee looks to have it, Kaz flips over on the belly to back landing on his feet.  Spinning back kick to chest.  Kwee Wee gets backdropped out onto the apron and goes to suplex Kaz to the floor, however he slides down his back looking for a sunset flip, Kwee blocking that by hammering down punches.  He fails to connect on the suicide dive and a Kaz headscissors on the outside sends him into the steel steps.  In the ring Kwee blocks the implant DDT and levels Kaz with a short clothesline.   He’s crotched upstairs, but counters the superplex with a front suplex.  This is going one way and then the other as Kwee’s caught mid-air with a dropkick when he comes off the top.  Kwee Wee pancakes Kaz to the mat on the tilt-a-whirl for a near fall.  It’s Kaz’s turn to be backdropped onto the apron, from there though he hits the slingshot DDT for the win.  The Kwee Wee has been embarrassed, and everyone knows he doesn’t like to be embarrassed, so gives Kaz a post-match piledriver.

Decentish back and forth action, although I was expecting more from these two.

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